Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Samantha’s Hair From ‘Night Of The Comet’ (1984)

(Sexy synthy 80’s music starts playing)  Alright guys, and some girls, it’s time to take a trip back to 1984’s campy classic Night Of The Comet.  And no, I’m not here to talk about the fact that this movie is still heavily underrated.  I’m here to talk sexy hair.  And not just any sexy hair.  I’m here to talk about THIS sexy hair!


Hell yeah.  That right there is Kelli Maroney, who played Samantha in the movie and battled post-apocalyptic zombies with a machine gun.  If you haven’t seen Night Of The Comet, then hopefully that last sentence sold you on doing so.  I know I’m not alone at having a crush on Samantha in her pink and blue cheerleader outfit, but just try and focus on the hair for now.  It does look a little mangy, and I could see myself maybe getting my hand stuck in it – but you can’t deny that it’s glorious and about as 80’s as 80’s hair can get.   So because of that, it gives me great honor to induct Samantha into the class of Great Moments In Horror Hair History!  Now let’s direct our focus back onto the cheerleader outfit.

Give Me The Creeps: The Curse (1987)

You would think that being a farmer would have it’s advantages… being able to eat corn whenever you want or ride a tractor at night just for the fuck of it.  But farming isn’t all unlimited delicious fruit and games.  Sometimes, if you’re not careful – a storm will come and unleash a suspicious glowing force onto your farm and your family.  And then you’ll turn into a bunch of pus-faced monsters and that’s never good.  Oh – and your fruit and vegetables will have worms in them too.  Bummer!


I have to give it up to the 1987 underrated gem, The Curse.  I was pretty confident that I would never be creeped out by a horror movie that took place on a farm.  But dammit if this didn’t give me the creeps as a kid and still does today.  Thanks to The Curse, I always hesitate slightly before biting into an apple.  Fun fact btw:  I actually did bite into an apple when I was younger and it was full of worms.  That was before this movie, but maybe it was a prophecy that I would some day see a movie that would make me revisit my fear of wormy apples.  Whatever the case, The Curse is definitely one of those little horror movies that has some big creepy moments.  And it has John Schneider from The Dukes Of Hazzard to boot!  Check out the clip below to see some of the aforementioned creepiness:

Review: Creep (2015)

2015 has surprisingly been a pretty solid year for horror movies so far, especially the crop of independent entries like It Follows and We Are Still Here.  One of my most anticipated indie horror offerings has been Creep, the latest addition to the found-footage craze.  I’m a bit nauseated with that whole subgenre, but I was hoping Creep would act as my Pepto-Bismul and make me feel better.  And you know what?  It did!    Continue reading

Ummmmmm: The Rocking Horse Scene From ‘Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II’ (1987)

One of my favorite surprising horror sequels of all time is Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II from 1987.  It easily surpassed the original Prom Night in my opinion even though it didn’t have Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis in a bra, or a fantastic disco soundtrack.  The sequel had something that the original couldn’t even come close to though:  a horny rocking horse.

Yeah, that was pretty disturbing.  And I’m not talking about the old man make-out session.  Putting something like a horny rocking horse with a big tongue in a horror movie was pretty much the norm when it came to 80’s horror.  Which is yet another reason why I miss that era.  Sigh.  Thankfully, we have avenues like Youtube to relive those magical times.  It’s too bad the horny rocking horse didn’t ever get a spin-off movie.  It would have been tremendous.

Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Popcorn’ Promotional Pin (1991)

Nothing gets me more excited than a promotional pin from an early 90’s horror movie.  I know, you might be thinking by that statement that I get easily excited – and you would be correct.  And luckily for me today, I came across a promotional pin on Ebay for one of the most underappreciated horror films of all time called Popcorn:


Oh it may be small, but it sure does the job!  Words that any man would never want to hear by the way.  But let’s get back to this fantastic promotional pin. For those who don’t know, Popcorn is a great old school horror movie that came out in 1991, was set in a movie theater and has one of the best taglines ever (Buy a bag….go home in a box.)  Long overdue to have a proper DVD/Blu-ray release, Popcorn is a definite guilty pleasure and at the time was a breath of fresh air in the horror movie world.  If you’re interested in snatching up this pin, head over to the Ebay listing HERE.  It’s cheap, so I suspect it won’t be there for long, especially since I might go buy it right now.  Now let’s start the petition to get Popcorn on Blu-ray already.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By 2 X 4’ From ‘The Stepfather’ (1987)

Move over Hacksaw Jim Duggan – you’re not the only one that knows how to swing a big piece of wood.  That didn’t quite sound right, but whatever.  Henry Morrison a.k.a. Jerry Blake a.k.a. The Stepfather sure loves swinging the ol’ 2 X 4, especially over a guy’s head!

On this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m going back to 1987 where actor Terry O’Quinn played in my opinion, one of the best horror movie psychopaths ever.  And in this particular scene, his character of Jerry Blake doesn’t take too kindly to people snooping around in his business.  He has a very strict ‘No Snooping’ policy, and in this instance it involves slapping some lumber repeatedly over a nosy doctor’s head.  Enjoy the pummeling below, and if you haven’t seen this underrated gem, do yourself a favor and seek it out.

On Second Thought: I Kind Of Liked ‘Valentine’ (2001)

Can you feel that?  No, not the creepy guy breathing heavily down your neck at the gas station.  I’m talking about LOVE.  It’s in the air!  And could it just be coincidence that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?  Probably not. And when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s only one thing that comes to mind, and it isn’t the anxiety associated with getting the right flowers for my wife – it’s the 2001 appropriately titled slasher flick, Valentine!    Continue reading

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Forehead Drill’ From ‘The Loved Ones’ (2009)

Gotta appreciate scenes in horror movies that do a good job of making you feel the physical pain that a victim is enduring, without actually having to endure it yourself.  Case in point:  The drill to the forehead scene from 2009’s Australian horror movie, The Loved Ones.  What?  You haven’t seen The Loved Ones?!  Shame on you.

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday where I am indeed taking a look at the scene from The Loved Ones where Lola (Robin McCleavy) decides that it’s time to drill a hole in the head of Brent (Xavier Samuel).  Definitely makes me wince when I see it happen, because I can’t help but think about what it would be like to have a drill going into my forehead.  Lovely thoughts, I know.  Again I can’t stress enough if you haven’t seen it, to check this movie out and witness a ‘Psycho Girl’ performance from Robin McCleavy for the ages.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Trombone’ From ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ (1976)

If there’s one thing I say about horror movies nowadays, it’s that there just aren’t enough deaths by brass musical instruments.  In 1976, not only was the world graced with my presence when I was born, but there was a ‘death by trombone’ scene in the movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

So, on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I think it’s only fitting that we spotlight that trombone death scene from 1976.  It’s also very fitting because the remake/reboot/sequel of The Town That Dreaded Sundown was just released as well.  Without spoiling too much, the trombone makes a triumphant return in that one in case you’re wondering.  Ok, Phantom Killer – now take it away and show Peggy how to really play that instrument!

Underrated Horror Movie Masks: Patrick Channing From ‘The First Power’ (1990)

Keeping with the spirit of the season, nothing quite says Halloween like a good scary mask.  So I figured I would take a look back through horror history and pick a movie mask that is criminally underrated as far as creepy horror movie masks go.  If you’re a big Lou Diamond Phillips fan, then I’m sure you own 50 copies of the 1990 serial killer flick called The First Power on VHS.  The movie itself is a guilty pleasure of mine, and it sports one of the best false faces ever to grace the horror screen.


Creepy, right?  Well the movie is creepy too.  And in the movie, we follow the trail of Patrick Channing, a sadistic serial killer who offers his victims up to Satan as a sacrifice.  Oh, and he’s known as the Pentagram Killer because he tends to enjoy carving pentagrams into the flesh of those victims.  He’s a super fun guy to say the least, and he takes everything to the next level when he puts on that fucking mask.  I keep looking up at it in that pic by the way and have become increasingly uneasy while writing this post.

Ok – now are you ready for your ironic fun fact of the day?  That was weak.  I said…..ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR IRONIC FUN FACT OF THE DAY?!?! Much better response.  Ok – the actor who portrayed Patrick Channing is Jeff Kober.  You may remember him from last season’s The Walking Dead as the biker guy who gets a chunk of his neck taken out by Rick Grimes.  Well, the ironic fun fact is that even when Patrick Channing takes his mask off in The First Power, he’s still just as creepy!  Don’t worry, Jeff Kober – even with your unique unsettling face, you’re still one hell of an actor.