So Apparently A ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake Is Coming?


Ok – I had to get that out of the way real quick.  Word broke a few days ago that after the massive success of the last Cabin Fever sequel called Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, a remake of the original 2002 Eli Roth movie is in place instead of another fantastic sequel.  In case you’re not up on the sarcasm these days, that last sentence was drenched in it.

I get that people need to make money in these hard times.  I myself have a nice little side business going with selling old Garbage Pail Kids stickers on Ebay right now, so I understand that the struggle is real.  But why oh why do we have to even attempt to remake movies that are only 12 years old?  It stings even more for me with this one, because I honestly love Eli Roth’s original Cabin Fever.  The movie gave me an excessive fear of karate-kicking kids who like to yell “Pancakes!” and a fear of shaving my legs if I ever did shave my legs.


No matter how much bitching I or anyone else does, it seems that quite possibly the most unnecessary horror remake ever (in terms of time between the original) will be happening for sure. Maybe for this one, they’ll get another star of The Goonies to get onboard to drum up interest since Sean Astin starred in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and that did so well.  But nope, not even the ‘Truffle Shuffle’ will be able to save this remake from the impending doom that surrounds it and everyone involved.

I take this time to plead to Eli Roth if he has any say at all, to not allow this to happen.  In the meantime while that pleading takes place and we all try and wash the taste out of our mouths of this terrible news, let’s watch that karate-kicking kid hop around and yell “Pancakes!” to make our day better:

So The Robocop Remake Is Going To Be PG-13………

What do you think about that, original Robocop?

Not a huge shocker by any means, but yes…..the upcoming Robocop remake has been given a PG-13 rating.  Considering that the recently released trailer seemed to be going that route anyway, everything seems to be going as planned for this unnecessary remake.  Next up:  the inevitable box office failure.

This remake sports a pretty strong cast (Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton), but I really think it’s doomed.  To make it worse on a personal levee, the original Robocop is a HUGE piece of my childhood.  They’re probably not even smart enough to fit the whole “I’d buy that for dollar!” saying into the remake.  And knowing that it looks like I won’t even get the glorious over-the-top violence that was displayed in the 1987 original is more than disappointing.  Where the hell am I supposed to get my mutated toxic waste bad guy fix now???