Urine Trouble: Omar Epps In ‘Scream 2’ (1997)

Public bathrooms can sure be uncomfortable.  Especially those horse trough-style ones that usually appear in old baseball stadiums where you have to pee alongside strangers which can sometime get a little too close.  But none are more uncomfortable than a bathroom where a bunch of people dressed up like Ghostface from the Scream movies occupy the standup urinals, forcing you to use a smelly stall.

If you’ve seen Scream 2, then you know two things.  One:  it has a ridiculous ending where the lesbian sister from the old TV show Roseanne is the killer. Two:  it has a pretty effective opening sequence involving actor Omar Epps in the aforementioned Ghostface occupied bathroom (and also a nifty pre-opening credits death of Jada Pinkett).  We’re talking piss here though since the title of this ongoing feature is ‘Urine Trouble‘, and Omar Epps found himself in quite the pickle when he decided to eavesdrop on the stall next to him.  Speaking of pickles, why does he look like he starts to actually pee and then stops?  That shit stings when you do that.

Who’s got the juice now, Q?  Sorry – wrong Omar Epps 90’s movie reference there.  But yeah, Omar took a knife to the skull and tragically never got to release his bladder.  He may have pissed himself though while he laid bleeding on the floor, so at least there’s the prospect of that.  I dug Scream 2 for the most part, pretty much up until that big killer “reveal” at the end.  So in honor of that, let’s finish this post off with a pic of Laurie Metcalf attempting to do her best Pamela Voorhees impersonation with a gun instead of a machete.


Urine Trouble: Ginny From ‘Friday The 13th Part 2’ (1981)

Bed wetting is a serious problem.  Unfortunately for Ginny from Friday The 13th Part 2, so is floor wetting.  That’s right – before Ginny was pulling a fast one on Jason by wearing his dead Mother’s sweater and pretending to be her, she was peeing on the floor.  Which is good news for me because Ginny is the perfect first choice for my new feature:  Urine Trouble.

I actually hold Friday The 13th Part 2 in high regard when it comes to the countless sequels in the franchise.  I know the hockey mask is iconic when we’re talking about Jason Voorhees, but I actually preferred the sack he wore in this one.  And as far as final girls go, Ginny more than held her own.  Too bad she couldn’t hold her bladder though while hiding under the bed from Sack Head Jason and his pitchfork.

I guess if anything, this scene is pretty realistic and should be commended for that.  I mean, if I was playing hide-and-seek with a murderous vengeful disfigured hillbilly that can’t swim, I would probably spring a leak too.  It seems however, to be a rat that Ginny was most nervous of.  I’ll let that slide though, because rats are most definitely piss worthy.  Speaking of the piss, that’s quite a puddle she let loose there.  Which is pretty spectacular considering she’s wearing jeans.  Director Steve Miner has said previously that the pee is from the rat, but I smell a cover up unless that rat had super piss capabilities. Bonus points for Sack Head Jason trying to balance his large body on a tiny chair to surprise Ginny.  That worked out well for him.


*Excuse me ma’am – can you spare a diaper?*