Do You Want To Listen To Vincent Price Talk About Wine For 20 Minutes?

I guess the question is, who wouldn’t want to listen to Vincent Price talk about wine for 20 minutes?!  Well, before you answer that – you should test drive the audio courtesy of Youtube from the 1977 album Wine Is Elegance.  This was actually a bonus album that you got if you were a member of the Vincent Price International Cooking Course.  Which sounds amazing in it’s own right by the way.  Take a listen below and we’ll discuss afterwards:


Ok – well, I should have warned you to not listen to that in the morning or before you had your coffee.  Although Mr. Price’s voice is normally intoxicating to the ears, you really have to be a big fan to make through the full 20 minutes of him talking about which wine you should drink if you’re serving pancakes for dinner.  I don’t think he actually said that, but we’ll just pretend that he did. Anyway – this album is a nice little piece of kitsch from the 70’s and a great addition to your Vincent Price vinyl collection.  You can snag one on Ebay for around $40.  Now let’s reminisce about Vincent’s greatness some more and watch him trap three boys in a creepy Hawaiian cave so he can have his way with them.  I made that last part up.