Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Roach From ‘The People Under The Stairs’ (1991)

As we all mourn the loss of the great Wes Craven, I felt the need to put a little spotlight on one of his movies that didn’t involve Freddy Krueger.  And that movie would be The People Under The Stairs.  A bit too quirky and weird for me to really appreciate back in 1991 as a 15-year-old boy, I’ve grown to love it and it’s partially because of one thing.  Ving Rhames?  Nope.  The crazy relationship between Man (Everett McGill) and Woman (Wendy Robie)?  Not quite.  It’s because of………………THIS HAIR!!!


How many times do you think someone went to their hair stylist back in 1991 and said “Give me the Roach, please“.  Yes, one of the most memorable parts of The People Under The Stairs was indeed Roach, played by actor Sean Whalen.  And that was indeed a hell of thing when Roach sacrificed himself to help get Alice and Fool (great name btw) out of the house and bravely died because of it.  Sappy stuff aside, the real appeal of Roach was how his hair stood out (and stood up).  You know you have some great hair when it upstages the fact that you have had your tongue cut out.  So because of that, it gives me great honor to induct Roach into the class of Great Moments In Horror Hair History!  You and your sub-par tongue deserve it, buddy.