Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Noah’s Death’ On ‘The Walking Dead’

Yeah, I know I’m technically about 2 years late on posting this death scene up and I have a very good explanation for it!  I’m extremely lazy.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  But yes, I was sitting here today and reminiscing about the best ‘revolving door death scene’ ever and I felt the need to resurrect it.

Sooooooo, on this edition of Monday Bloody Monday – I am revisiting the sad demise of Noah on The Walking Dead in Season 5.  And not only sad, but maybe one of the most (if not the most) brutal death scenes in the show’s history.  Greg Nicotero and his crew outdid themselves here, and did their job as far as making Tom Savini proud.  Oh yeah I should have mentioned at the beginning that this is a big spoiler alert.  Noah dies. And here it is in all of it’s gory glory!

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Helicopter Zombie Kill’ From ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ (1978)

Sometimes you have to go back to the classics.  And for me, one of my personal horror classics is the original Dawn Of The Dead.  Forget all of the social commentary though, let’s talk zombie death scenes!

On this edition of Monday Bloody Monday, I want to take a minute to bow our heads (slight pun there) to remember one of my favorite zombies from Dawn Of The Dead:  The abandoned hangar zombie.  He wasn’t with us very long, but what a memorable time he gave us while he was here.  If you needed proof that zombies aren’t too smart after they’re resurrected, look no further than this poor bastard walking literally into his own death.  At least that death was swift and quick by the hands of some merciless helicopter propellor blades.  As a bonus in the clip, you get to watch Peter (Ken Foree) mow down some zombie kids with a machine gun to some rather hilarious music!

Ridiculous Horror Moments: Towel In The Face! (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – 1974)

You’ve heard it time and time again.  Farmers use radiation filled pesticides to make their juicy tomatoes and delicious corn grow faster and bigger and instead, it awakens the undead and turns them into flesh eating zombies.  Oh – and then two hippies of course are the only ones who are hip to the game and savvy enough to thwart the evil plan and save the world from zombie domination!  So cliche…..

*if she only knew how much I hate her cooking*

Welcome to the world of Jorge Grau’s Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.  A groovy Italian/Spanish 70’s zombie romp that has more than enough flesh munching action as well as some over the top, but entertaining moments (naked afro chick at the beginning of the movie anyone?).  Which brings me to the point of this post and quite possibly one of the most ridiculous moments in horror movie history!

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