Give Me The Creeps! Demons (1985)

Not gonna lie, it takes a lot to give me the creeps – so this is going to be a recurring feature that will give you, the reader, an idea of just what does give me the creeps! First up, actress Geretta Geretta changing over to a demon in the aptly titled Italian classic Demons.  I remember watching this with my Dad when I was about 11.  The original VHS box was a little deceiving because it had a demon on it (from the movie) that sort of resembled an evil Muppet.  Not all that scary (shrug)

*wocka wocka wocka!*

So, everything was going along so nicely – the bad dubbing, Tony The Pimp (who hadn’t really had any golden lines up to this point), the blind guy who wouldn’t shut up…..Oh, but I wonder what’s going to happen after that girl put that mask on in the lobby and cut herself!?  Yep – here we go.     

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen:  she goes to the bathroom because that pesky cut on her face is giving her some itchy issues.  Poor Rosemary (really?  Rosemary?).  The cut bubbles up and things aren’t looking so good. And then there’s a pop!  And then her hooker friend looks for her to see what’s taking so long – and there you go.  She turns around and that’s what did it for me.

*a visit to the dentist is necessary i think*

This is all thanks in large part to the make up effects of Sergio Stivaletti.  It really set the tone for the bat shit crazy movie that would follow.  So fuck you Demons and Rosemary for traumatizing my childhood.  Now’s let’s all have a drink, crank up the soundtrack, and watch Tony The Pimp’s greatest hits!  Go Tony!


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