Real Estate News: Amityville Horror House Slashes Price!

In the market for a new house?  Do you like swarms of flies?  Do slaughterings of the past owners of the house not bother you?  Then you’re in luck!  Seems that the original house that was used for filming in the 1979 spooky flick The Amityville Horror is on the market and now for an even lower price.  Over at CNN, they’re reporting that the current owners are going through a divorce (sad face) and need to sell the house ASAP and cut the price from 1.45 million to $955,000.  Not a bad deal if you can put up with demonic happenings and being possessed on a bad day.

*bees go to honey, flies go to tighty whiteys*

Located in Toms River, New Jersey, the house was used for exterior shots in the 1979 creepy horror film and according to the current owners, it is NOT haunted.  Bummer, because it seems like a pretty lame house otherwise.  But what’s not lame was the tagline for the movie – “For God’s Sake, Get Out!“. Not quite as affective as this tagline, but it did the job.  So if you’re thinking of relocating New Jersey, have about a million to spend, and want to own a part of horror history, then get on the horn!  Or you might just want to wait for the discount price of the house used in Amityville 3-D to hit the market instead.

*nothing like a relaxing soak in the hot tub*


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