The Shitty Michael Myers Halloween Mask Gallery

Tis the season for all of you kiddies and grown up kiddies to gather up your hard earned cash and pick up your best Michael Myers mask this year for Halloween.  Will you go the old school route and grab one based off of the John Carpenter classic?  Or will you delve deep into your pockets and support the Rob Zombie remake in mask form (one of the only redeeming qualities of that franchise unfortunately).  But before you do that, look inside this post and buyer beware!!   


There are some shoddy latex phonies out there, so without further adieu, I present to you the Shitty Michael Myers Halloween Mask Gallery:

*the  disheveled get out of bed and slept with a cheap hooker look*

*the going out on the town non symmetrical eyebrow look*

*the receding hairline look*

*the polite look*

*the blowdryer blew up in my face look *

So think twice when you hit up your favorite Halloween costume shop or Ebay site and make sure that you’re getting the quality that you pay for!  On second thought, pick up one of these shitty masks and just tell people that you’re dressed up like one of the shitty sequels and you might just get a pass.  Happy Halloween!

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