Dirty Horror Mysteries: What Happened To Gordon The Dog In ‘Friday The 13th Part 4’?

There have been many mysteries that remain unsolved and unanswered throughout the realms of the history of cinema.  What was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction?  Does the spinning top eventually fall over in Inception? What happened to MacReady and Childs at the end of The Thing?  Could the volleyball scene in Top Gun have been anymore gay?  All of these puzzlements are mere child’s play compared to the cinematic question that hangs heavy over our heads.  What happened to Gordon The Dog in Friday The 13th Part 4???  


Gordon The Dog lived a happy life.  A happy life that was cut way too short unfortunately.  He loved to run out of the car and chase after topless girls down by the lake, and he was even able to show affection to Corey Feldman.  But how did Gordon die?  We know he went out with a yelp through a second floor glass window.  But was he pushed by Jason?  Did he want to leave this cruel world on his own?  That’s the question that may never be answered.  Judge for yourself and watch the last footage of Gordon below.  I’ll allow you to take a moment to collect yourself afterward before we continue with this ridiculous post…….

There have been theories abound that Gordon utilized his dog instincts and just wanted to get out of dodge because he felt the evil presence of Jason Voorhees and felt there was no hope.  And the other theory of course is that Jason just picked up Gordon and tossed him out of the window like yesterday’s garbage.  I myself just think Gordon tripped and fell out of the window on accident.  He was always known to be clumsy afterall.  Whatever the case, I think we all know that the real reason Tommy Jarvis came back in Friday The 13th Part 6 was to exact revenge for Jason having something to do, one way or another, with the death of his favorite canine.  Join me now as we take a look back through the life of Gordon The Dog in picture form and remember the life he lived and the joy he filled our hearts with (cue up “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan):

Sleep well Gordon…..you’re humping God’s leg now.

6 thoughts on “Dirty Horror Mysteries: What Happened To Gordon The Dog In ‘Friday The 13th Part 4’?

  1. Gordon ran out of the window because

    a)he saw the dead dude pegged to the wall (or)

    b)he saw Jason pegging the dead dude to the wall

    He doesn’t look like he was being thrown out.

  2. I like the idea that Gordon survive. He just got spooked and ran out of the window. It was like he was saying “F**k this man i didn’t sign up for this sh!t” after seeing what Jason did to the victims.Smart move Gordon

  3. Gordon jumped out that window by himself and probably wouldn’t have survived the fall, RIP, meanwhile Jason was in the basement the whole time. Case closed.

  4. Jason couldn’t have killed Gordon as he was in the basement and killed Rob just moments later after Gordon’s jump. If Gordon didn’t make it you would have most likely seen his body somewhere close to where he landed outside the front of the house. However, don’t you think he would’ve returned to the Jarvis’ house after landing? Most likely he was significanty hurt and ran off into the woods and died later. Why was this never explained? It’s extremely odd behavior for a dog to exhibit that kind of fear but for a movie like this you have to suspend disbelief. So it’s possible Gordon said fu$@ it, I’m out and blasted through the window and took off and found a new home. That’s what I like to think anyhow.

    • Yeah, it was definitely a strange scene. I mean, what kind of dog just blasts through the window on his own? lol – The other thing I notice in that scene when he goes through the window is that the music very ominous and scary. Just a weird scene all around.

  5. I think Gordon survived the fall, remember that Trish went out the window from the same height landing on her back in the very soaking wet mud, and got right up and was fine. So Gordon who is lighter then Trish, and falling the same distance landing in the same soaking wet mud, and don’t forget his padded paws to also help with his fantastic landing, trotted off to he seen sunlight…

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