Anticipation Alert: ‘Insidious Chapter 2’

One of the biggest horror surprises for me in the last few years was the enjoyment that I got out of James Wan’s Insidious in 2010 and also the amount of money it pulled in (almost 100 million) considering the 1.5 million it cost to make.  It gave me hope for other small budget horror films that didn’t have a gimmick, to make it big and continue to bring real original horror to the mainstream.  So it goes without saying that I was more than happy to see the news this morning that a sequel is on it’s way, with James Wan returning to direct and Leigh Whannell back in the writer’s saddle again!

*your make-up makes you look like a whore*

The sequel is officially being called Insidious: Chapter 2, so we can pretty much assume we’re going to get more of the same, especially with the entire cast returning as well (Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye).  But where exactly could they go with the story?  


Insidious took a familiar paranormal theme, and made it fresh, giving us some freaky imagery and jump scares in the process.  I immediately compared the recent Sinister with it, finding myself leaning more towards Team Insidious in the end.  Regarding Insidious though, I will say that once the paranormal team headed up by Lin Shaye showed up in the Lambert house, the comedic tone brought me down from my horror high slightly, before it ramped it up towards the end and had me lapping up the mayhem until the final frame.  Now if you haven’t seen Insidious, I’m not going to ruin it for you now, even though it’s been out for 2 years already, so get off your ass and see it if you haven’t. But I will say that significant events happen to two of the above mentioned actors, so I’m really curious to see how Wannell is going to pick things up and move it along.

*omg – this chair is so comfortable!*

Chances are that The Further will be front in center for the sequel, but I would be surprised if Dalton or Josh (Patrick Wilson) were in the center of it this time. I’m going to put some money down now that a woman will be encountering the paranormal entities for this sequel outing, just to switch things up a little bit.  I’m treading lightly here, so I can stick to my “no spoilers” policy in this post, so you can thank me later.  Possibly the best news out of this sequel news is that it’s all happening fast!  Production is supposed to start in January and the target release month is August 2013.  So it’s coming up quick, but still plenty of time for you folks out there who haven’t seen Insidious to go see Insidious!

*excuse me sir, can you tell me what time it is?*


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