The Dirty Room Podcast: Madhouse (1974)

After a short hiatus, I finally got back with my boys at The Dirty Room podcast and we decided to cover Vincent Price’s 1974 movie, Madhouse.  Listen to us as we discuss what worked and what didn’t and why we think the make-up is one of the best parts along with the screams of the one and only Vincent Price. Personally, I could watch him act in a vacuum commercial and still enjoy it. Remember when he was in that episode of The Brady Bunch and he lived in that cave in Hawaii and tried to scare the Brady boys with a spooky mask, but instead went and had fun with them at a Hawaiian luau?  Priceless…..

Oh yeah – here’s the link to the podcast HERE.  Stay tuned next time when we cover Creepshow 2.

*just realized he could be paying a lot less for his car insurance*

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