Am I Wrong For Wanting Another ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie?

It’s crazy because I was just finishing up writing this post about how I wanted another Friday The 13th movie, and low and behold, Paramount has obtained full rights from Warner Bros, and now has 5 years to crank out as many Fridays as it can!  So yeah, still read my post about it to get my take on the future of the franchise in general:  

Let me get this out there right away:  I actually kind of liked the 2009 Friday The 13th reboot/remake.  No where near as awful or groan-inducing as the Nightmare On Elm Street retry abortion, the Friday reboot actually had a decent set of balls attached to it.  And a few great pairs of boobs too.  I loved the beginning scene with the first set of victims, but then once it got into the whole ‘my sister is missing’ territory, it lost steam pretty quick.  The kills were there, but they were uninspired and I felt that had they just stuck to a bare bones script (keeping the boobs of course and some inventive kills), we would have been much better off.  But I didn’t hate it, which is why I’m a little surprised that there isn’t a sequel in the works or even any real substantial talk about one.

*wow!  those machete seeds grew faster than I thought!*

The film made money.  And horror, for the moment anyway, seems to be on the rise again as far as movies and TV go.  They’ve pretty much already greenlit another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, and that reboot/remake sucked ass.  So what’s the deal?  I know that there are issues with the whole Paramount/Warner Bros distribution rights fiasco.  Or maybe it was the Nightmare On Elm Street rework a year later that gave everyone cold feet to step back inside Camp Crystal Lake?  Look, it’s not rocket science.  Have someone come up with a basic premise, add some hot girls, some dumb decisions, and a few interesting/holy shit death scenes, and the horror masses will be happy.  Kind of sounds like I’m riffing off of the whole Cabin In The Woods message, eh?

*worst hide and seek game ever*

I think they can get this one right.  The horror remake track record is not strong, but I have to believe that whoever is involved can take Friday The 13th back to the roots and spit out something that we can swallow.  I’m down with Jason Mears strapping on the hockey mask again and I also wouldn’t be opposed to doing something fun in 3D, ala what they did with My Bloody Valentine.  To this day, one of the best movie experiences I’ve had was a packed Midnight 3D showing of Friday The 13th Part 3, with the original cast in attendance.  Maybe even give Crispin Glover a call, since I’m pretty sure that you can get him for cheap nowadays.

4 thoughts on “Am I Wrong For Wanting Another ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie?

  1. Honestly, they should let one of the old school horror directors handle the next one, and not some new name guy. No CGI, all practical effects, and… Kane Hodder FTW!

    • Kane Hodder was so salty that they didn’t ask him to do the remake….I agree though, all practical effects and some great kills – don’t get fancy with it and just give us a bare bones Friday The 13th movie like the old days…..just don’t make him go to Manhattan again.

  2. I don’t care where he goes as long as it’s good and entertaining. Here’s some tips:

    Make him look like Jason in Parts VI, VII, and VIII, with a rotting head underneath the mask.

    Classic kills with practical FX… Call Rob Bottin, John Carl Buechler, or Tom Savini for advice.

    Involve the classic mythology. Forget the new movie, just go back to the old ones. How about a Friday the 13th Part VII: Volume 2 (as mentioned on the Making Of)?

    Shit, make a better Freddy vs. Jason, I’d be OK with that (the unmade sequel treatment and comic book sequels with Evil Dead Ash actually were good fun).

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