Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Raven Attack’ From ‘Damien – Omen II’

I can only imagine what it’s like going through puberty while you’re the Antichrist.  The voice change, finding hair growing in random places, and of course using your evil powers to make birds attack people that you don’t like. Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, where I recount some of my favorite horror movie death scenes in picture form.  And if you were smart enough to read the title of the post, you know that I’m talking about the infamous raven scene from Damien:  Omen II.

I dig this sequel and remember watching it on cable for the first time and the one scene, besides the guy getting sliced in half in the elevator, that stuck out to me is the scene where journalist Joan Hart is attacked by murderous raven. And to add insult to injury after her eyes are plucked out, she gets run over by a semi-truck in what could be one of the best semi-truck kill scenes ever, as her body literally flies up over the windshield, still hitting the truck, and then promptly gets run over.  So here’s to you journalist Joan Hart.  You never stood a chance.



*more plotting….and taking a shit on her hood*


*plotting is done….*


*….and so is she*

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  1. Hi for all movie fans out there this crow attack scene in the movie omen 2 was done with trained crows and a puppet crow made by the special effects guys and which added to the performance of British actress elizabeth shepherd that is all.

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