New ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ Posters Coming To Mondo!

Are you familiar with MondoTees.Com?  If you’re not, let me explain.  They are a company that puts limited edition posters, vinyl, and t-shirts on sale from different established artists at a random time on a set day.  Fair warning though:  they sell out in seconds and your only hope if you miss out is to hit up Ebay and pay a ridiculous mark up price to claim your merchandise of choice. Sound fun?  Well, if you’re a Shaun Of The Dead fan, it’s about to get more fun!

On August 22nd, at a random time, Mondo is putting two new Shaun Of The Dead posters on sale by artist Tyler Stout.  It’s a tie-in for the new Edgar Wright movie, The World’s End, that comes out the following day on August 23rd.  Since that movie is the finale in his Cornetto Trilogy, why not reward the fans with the movie that started it all:  Shaun Of The Dead.  The regular version is limited to 710 and will run you $60.  The variant version will be more sought after, as it is limited to 300 and will cost you $110.  I actually prefer the regular version this time around.  The artwork is pretty amazing and overall it’s a great investment.  Stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter feed HERE and good luck should you choose to venture into the world of Mondo on August 22nd!

(Regular Edition)

(Variant Edition)

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