Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Linnea Quigley In ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ (1985)

Ronald McDonald had the ‘red hair game’ on lock for years.  He owned it, and was reluctant to ever give up his crimson crown and dared anyone to try and challenge him for it.  But in 1985, Linnea Quigley and her breasts burst onto the scene in the B-movie horror classic, The Return Of The Living Dead. And in a rare moment, her red hair in the movie upstaged those breasts and snatched that aforementioned crimson crown from the creepy-ass McDonald’s mascot.


Ms. Quigley gave us three fantastic things in The Return Of The Living Dead: her character’s name (Trash), her nude graveyard dance, and her punk-influenced red mop on top.  And it’s that red mop on top that is truly a ‘Great Moment In Horror Hair History‘ and is more than deserving to be in the illustrious company of Shelly’s Jewfro from Friday The 13th Part 3 and Rider Strong’s armpits from Cabin Fever.  Also deserving, is the way that Trash knew how to really sit and conduct herself like a lady.  Spread eagle is always an underrated classic and should be commended.  Congrats, Linnea!


1 thought on “Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Linnea Quigley In ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ (1985)

  1. trash should have learnt about this motto becarefull what you wished
    for when she fantasized about being killed by a bunch of old men
    gathering around her and biting plus eating her alive whilst she explains
    fantasy to spider she engages an erotic striptease aloft an tombstone
    originaly to the song nasty girl by vanity for an playback track whilst
    filming the scene but later got replaced by tonight (we make love until we die) by SSQ but making the scene hit problems of the actress Linnea Quigley exposing genitalia on camera within concerns by Graham Henderson the films producer said to Dan O’Bannon Said no way we
    can get censorship approval by showing this so they devised an solution
    that both William Stout and William Munns came up with that the actress
    to be shedded from any exposed body hair and apply an prosthetic
    that can cover her vaginal area and had to reshoot it again but it worked
    but the song tonight (we make love until we die) became the resurrection
    theme for Quigley’s character Trash where she resurrected as the queen
    of the undead and Stout’s cameo in the film as the old dude but trash
    became an horror sex icon by fans that loved her and in fact there’s loads
    of fan customised merchandises and costumed replicas of trash to say she stands next to the Tarman another character became popular in his own right also wit attached merchandise as well .



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