Dirty Horror Presents: Some Of The Worst Michael Myers Tattoos Ever

**WARNING**  You are about to feast your eyes upon some of the worst Michael Myers tattoos ever.  Parental discretion is advised.  As well as a phone number for a tattoo removal center if you actually are the owner of one of these tattoos.   



Here is Michael giving us his Zoolander ‘Blue Steel’ look.



I’m sure it’s every guy’s fantasy to have breasts for a right eye, but this seems a bit excessive.   



First observation:  Michael needs some Visine.  Second observation:  Pink cheetah print does not compliment Mr. Myers very well. 



This one is actually fairly well done.  But Michael must have that very surprised look on his face because he just saw his drastic residing hairline.  



I don’t want to alarm you, young Michael Myers…..but you’re missing one of your knife blade legs.   


Alright – I’m glad we all got through that traumatic experience together.  Now of course, this is all in good fun and hopefully it will continue to get everyone into the Halloween spirit!  And to make sure that we don’t end on a tattoo sour note, here’s one of my favorite Michael Myers tattoos that I found.  Granted, it’s from Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but this proves that something good actually did come out of that movie.

Mike sleeve 4

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