Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Forehead Drill’ From ‘The Loved Ones’ (2009)

Gotta appreciate scenes in horror movies that do a good job of making you feel the physical pain that a victim is enduring, without actually having to endure it yourself.  Case in point:  The drill to the forehead scene from 2009’s Australian horror movie, The Loved Ones.  What?  You haven’t seen The Loved Ones?!  Shame on you.

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday where I am indeed taking a look at the scene from The Loved Ones where Lola (Robin McCleavy) decides that it’s time to drill a hole in the head of Brent (Xavier Samuel).  Definitely makes me wince when I see it happen, because I can’t help but think about what it would be like to have a drill going into my forehead.  Lovely thoughts, I know.  Again I can’t stress enough if you haven’t seen it, to check this movie out and witness a ‘Psycho Girl’ performance from Robin McCleavy for the ages.

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