Billy Cole From ‘Fright Night’ Melts To Death From This Current Heatwave……

That would have been a pretty fun headline to read in a newspaper back in 1985. And ok, so Billly Cole (Jonathan Stark) from the legendary vampire movie Fright Night didn’t melt to death from this horrific heatwave that is ravaging the country right now…..but he did die! In a movie. That came out in 1985. It’s heatwaves like this though that make me think of the best ‘melting death scenes‘ in horror movies, because I myself am slowly melting as I type this. I just dripped onto my keyboard.

But anyway – that Billy Cole death scene IS one of my favorite death scenes from any 80’s horror movie. Mostly because there are so many layers to it. He gets shot a few times AND gets the dreaded stake into the heart… which point he starts the melting process when that happens. If you haven’t seen Fright Night, then you should be ashamed of yourself and you don’t deserve a ‘spoiler alert‘. So here’s Billy’s grand finale below. Oh, and stay cool out there! Sit on some ice cubes or something.

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