Sit back, relax, let the blood splatter, and enjoy my Dirty Horror.  A place where you can read about my perspective into the world of horror through news, reviews, and special features.  I want you to laugh, reminisce, gasp, and take a trip down a blood soaked memory lane with me, as well as be updated on the latest happenings throughout the horror industry.

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  2. Hello,

    I found your site by searching for pics of Jason from Friday the 13th. I totally agree with your assessment that the unmasking in Part 2 is the best.

    I have a lot of horror movie related songs and sound collages. I’ve been putting some of them up for Halloween and thought you might find them worth checking out.

    I link to your site in this post:

    Here is my horror song, Forward My Teeth To Me: http://tmanthony.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/forward-my-teeth-to-me/

    Cool site!
    Todd Anthony

  3. Hey! Can’t remember how I found this website, but I’m sure as Hell glad I did! I’m a horror writer from Scotland; check out the material from this UK comic book publisher, including my own full-colour title, ‘The Party’!


    Grab them whilst they’re kindly being offered in lieu of a donation! And keep that horror coming, my friend! We appreciate the exposure!

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