Dirty Horror Memory Lane: That Werewolf Movie Called ‘Full Eclipse’ (1993)

Quick!  What’s the best werewolf movie to come out in 1993???  Sort of a trick question…..because there was kind of only one werewolf movie that came out in 1993.  And that werewolf movie is…….Full Eclipse!  See, they probably didn’t want to call it Full Moon because that’s kinda too obvious.  Plus, in this movie – a full eclipse renders the werewolves to be indestructible, even against silver!  But enough gabbing about eclipses and whatnot, let’s watch the original trailer.  Oh, and sidenote:  Mario Van Peebles is in this!

Yeah, as you can gather from the trailer – there’s a shit ton of guns, jumping, biting, clawing, and Mr. Van Peebles in Full Eclipse.  I still remember seeing the VHS in my local video store (I believe it was the unrated version).  Directed by Anthony Hickox (who also directed Waxwork and Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth), this movie is the epitome of a guilty pleasure.

And if you are having a hankering to see Full Eclipse on the big screen, I have pretty sweet news if you live in the Los Angeles area.  There will be a special screening on February 7th at The Hayworth Theater in downtown LA……and Anthony Hickox will be in attendance!  Someone get Mario on the phone too while we’re at it.


Horror Movies That Are Better Than They Should Be: Body Snatchers (1993)

One of my fears has always been that an alien life form will come down to Earth and replace me with a less likable and more boring version of myself.  I guess I should be more concerned with the fact that I would be dead instead of the fact that a subpar version of me would be walking around, but that seems to be where my priorities lie apparently.  Why am I talking about this?  Because I just finally saw Abel Ferrara’s 1993 “re-imaging” of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers suitably called, Body Snatchers.


I have actually never seen the original 1956 version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, but I have seen the 1978 version numerous times and love it. Clearly iconic for it’s ending image of Donald Sutherland giving that lovely ‘body snatcher scream’, it’s a pretty creepy movie all around and even has Leonard Nemoy in it for added awesomeness.  So in 1993, I remember seeing ads and commercials for an updated attempt called Body Snatchers, but I wasn’t really interested.  Sad to say that it took me over 20 years (that makes me feel really old btw) to finally sit down on a boring Saturday and give it a watch.  And I have to say that I was pretty impressed.


I’m not even going to get into the plot.  All you really need to know is that people are having slimy alien pod tentacles go up their nose and all over their face, until naked replicas emerge while the original bodies disintegrate.  Oh, and these new versions scream really loud and like to point, which is kind of rude if you think about it.  I liken Body Snatchers to the 1988 remake of The Blob.  It’s definitely not a PG-13 remake and it has a lot of creepy-ass moments and nice practical gore effects.  If you’re sensitive to a little kid getting thrown out of helicopter, I’d steer clear though.  In closing, the highlight for me without of doubt was Meg Tilly’s performance and more specifically, the scene below where she brilliantly asks “Where ya gonna go?  Where ya gonna run?  Where ya gonna hide?“.