Dirty Horror Memory Lane: ‘Doorways To Horror’ Board Game (1986)

I still own a VCR.  That’s a true story.  What’s also a true story is that when I was 10 years old, I owned a horror VCR board game called Doorways To Horror.  Ooooooh – sounds scary, doesn’t it?  Here’s a commercial to show just how spine-tingling it really was.

You’ll have to excuse Teen Wolf’s cousin Harry, it was his first time on camera. Yeah, not too scary based off of the commercial and honestly not too scary when you would play the actual game too.  From what I remember about the game though, besides kicking my Dad’s ass every time I played, was that you pop a video cassette in your VCR and pause and play as you move along the board.  There were some Dracula and Witch cards or something that would come into play as well.  You can tell my memory is as fuzzy as the werewolf’s face in the commercial.  But thanks to the wonders of Youtube, my memory is coming back to me – so here is the intro to the Doorways To Horror and some of the gameplay:

If you can tolerate bad puns and equally bad jokes over clips from Public Domain horror movies, then this game was for you!  For a 10-year-old kid who was just getting into horror, it was amazing.  Looking back on it now with the Youtube clips, not so much.  But if you have a hankering for 80’s horror nostalgia, I wouldn’t hesitate to go over to Ebay and snatch one up for a decent price.  You might want to go to the flea market and pick up a VCR first though.