Dirty Horror Memory Lane: ‘Return Of The Living Dead Part II’ Merchandise Promo Video (1988)

I’m a sucker for anything retro that has to do with horror movies.  Even if the retro fun involved is with a terrible sequel.  And the terrible sequel that I’m talking about is 1988’s Return Of The Living Dead Part II.  Sure, it had a little bit of charm – but the comedy mostly fell flat, unlike it’s predecessor in 1985. Whatever feelings I have for ROTLD Part II, I can push aside for a minute to enjoy this lovely little promo ad for the merchandise that you could have purchased in 1988 to support the film.

Did that put as big of a smile on your face as it did mine?  I miss these kinds of ads (usually attached to the VHS copies after the movie was over), and that’s exactly why I love Youtube because you can always revisit them. Hopefully you’re not dumb enough to call the 1-800 number included in the ad though to try and order something.  Ebay is your only hope for any of these items, so if you’ve been clambering to get your hands on a Return Of The Living Dead Part II tank top, race on over and get to some searching!  I think I’ll avoid the stampede myself, so you guys have at it.


It’s Friday…..So How About Some Awesome 80’s Horror Movie Claymation?

Thanks to FearNet, I stumbled upon this video that artist Trent Shy put together of some memorable 80’s horror movie scenes.  That catch is that they’re all in glorious claymation form!  Mr. Bill would definitely be proud.

Not only are some of your favorites like The Fly and The Blob on display here, but also some that are a little more obscure and surprising (in a great way) like From Beyond and Brain Damage.  To sweeten the claymation pie, you even get some Gremlins watching and enjoying the clips like only Gremlins could.  So if your dream this Friday was to see a claymation version of Belial from Basket Case, then click the link below!

Horror Movie Posters I Love: The Curse (1987)

Since I grew up in Indiana, I guess the stereotype would be that I would love any movie that takes place on a farm.  Not true!  I couldn’t stand that talking pig movie that everyone raved about.  But I do have a soft spot for 1987’s underrated horror flick, The Curse.  And for me, it really all started with the poster for the movie, because I can still remember seeing it hanging up on the wall of my local renting spot, Video-To-Go.

Even mediocre horror movies in the 80’s had better posters than anything out today.  Sigh.  The simplicity of the poster is what sold it for me, even though I could have done without Wil Wheaton’s face up in there, but I get it, he’s the star and girls thought he was dreamy back then.  Love the font that the used on the title ‘The Curse‘, and I pretty much love anything that has a giant demonic hand bursting out of the ground and grabbing a defenseless house.

*quit crowding the plate!*

So yes, the poster kicks a ton of ass, but the movie itself kicks medium ass, even though John Schneider from The Dukes Of Hazzard plays a guy named Willis.  Was there really a guy named Cooter on that show by the way?  Sorry – got sidetracked there, but an awesome show like that will do that to you.  In closing, I love the poster for The Curse, and it brings back some good childhood memories.  As for the movie, seek it out for some of that fun 80’s horror nostalgia, and for the chance to see Bo Duke play a guy named Willis.

*his hair wants to have sex with you*

Just Because: ‘Slaughterhouse’ Trailer (1987)

Just because I feel like it, here’s a trailer for the 1987 hillbilly slasher flick Slaughterhouse, which also goes by the name Bacon Bits.  Enjoy the extra cheese on this one complete with the awesomeness of the voice-over work and synthy 80’s soundtrack.  And if you’re really feeling that 80’s horror nostalgia running through your body and want to check out the whole movie, pick it up HERE!  Now sit back and get ready for the trailer to Slaughterhouse (said in my best attempt at the voice from the trailer):