NSFW Trailer For ‘The ABC’s Of Death’ Is………….

……………yeah, I still don’t know the right adjective to use for what this trailer is.  It’s a lot of things, that’s for sure.  Check it out below and do not watch it with your boss standing over your shoulder:

The ABC’s Of Death has been called the ultimate anthology movie. Comprised of 26 different stories from 26 different directors, each based off of a letter from the alphabet, the trailer definitely shows that it runs the gamut of genres and looks like a ridiculous good time.  What’s your favorite visual from the trailer?  The claymation man-eating toilet?  The man boxing a dog? Maybe the big breasted fox lady electrocuting someone?  Looks like a great family movie, so be sure to check it out January 31st On Demand you sick f*cks.

*not to alarm you, but your head’s on fire*