News: Who’s Horny? Daniel Radcliffe, That’s Who!

Word spread a while back that Daniel Radcliffe would be taking on the main role of Ig Perrish in the movie adaption of Joe Hill’s novel, Horns.  Fun fact for those who don’t know:  Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son!  And how about another fun fact while we’re at it? Radcliffe took the role over from Shia Labeouf because he would rather look weird and show his penis in independent music videos instead.  Alexander Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha) is directing the adaptation, so I’m fairly confident that it’s in good hands (as long as he doesn’t botch it up like he did with Mirrors). Entertainment Weekly got the anticipation train rolling yesterday when they put up a pic of Radcliffe all horned out:

*just put some clearasil on that tonight and it’ll clear up*

Now, I’m a bit judgmental of this project because I read the book and loved it. It had been announced while I was reading it that Shia would be playing our horned hero, so I already had a mental picture of how it would translate onto film.  But with Radcliffe taking over, I might have to go back and re-read it to get my mind right and see if Harry Potter can pull it off.   Continue reading