Check Out These Awesome Horror T-Shirts From The ‘Serial Killer Shop’!

Have you been looking for some new horror-influenced T-shirts to show off to all of your friends?  Have you always wanted a shirt based around the 1994 ‘so bad it’s good’ movie Brainscan?  Well…….I’ve got just the spot for you to fill all of your horror T-shirt needs.  And that spot is called the Serial Killer Shop!

Now, what you’ll find if you go to their site HERE are T-shirts that range in designs from actual serial killers to the aforementioned horror movies (and sometimes a combo of both).  Each is limited and an original drawn design, coming in both men’s and women’s sizes.  Below are a few designs shown in women’s sizes that I have in my possession……and will actually be giving away on my Dirty Horror Instagram page next week!  Follow after the pics for more info on that.


So if you’re a horror-loving female (or guy trying to get brownie points with your girl) that wants a chance to win one of the shirts above, head on over to my IG page HERE and wait for the posts prompting you on what to do in the next few days.  If you just want to skip all of that and purchase one yourself right now, then you can go HERE for the Brainscan shirt or HERE for the Pinhead one……or go HERE for the American Psycho-influenced design!  Stay tuned for more from Serial Killer Shop and enjoy the shirts while you can!