Dirty Horror Graveyard: Chevrolet Horror Commercials

I’m all sweaty here because I just dug up some interesting nuggets in the Dirty Horror Graveyard.  The Chevrolet car company loves horror movies.  Who knew?  I found a couple clips on Youtube – one which I think is actually real and the other I think is definitely not.  But nevertheless, they’re horror-inspired car commercials and both got a pretty big chuckle out of me.  First up, an ad that apparently was pulled by movie studio execs due to all of the clips that were used.  Judging from the clips that were used, it looks like it was released in the early 90’s:

Now it’s hard to tell if the commercial is exactly real or not, but regardless of that, it’s honestly a great marketing campaign.  Taking one of the classic horror movie cliches like a car not starting and flipping the script to say that if all of these people had a Chevy, their cars would have started.  It’s genius.  Now if you actually did see this run on TV, please let me know so I can put to rest whether it’s actually real or not.

Ok – now it’s time for the other Chevy commercial that I’m 99.9% sure is fake, but I don’t care.  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing because it’s done so well and actually looks like it could be real!  It’s an ad containing the classic closing scene from 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which involves a truck that saves the day. And of course, that truck is a Chevy!  The Chevrolet “Heartbeat Of America” jingle playing is priceless, especially when Leatherface is doing his little dance at the end.  Honestly haven’t seen anything this good in awhile, especially horror-related, so take it all in and enjoy!