Stop! Hammer Time: Kill List (2011)

I’m really going to try and hammer this one home.  I mean, I’m really going to try and put the hammer down in regards to what this post is all about.  You see, there was this little movie called Kill List released in 2011.  And that little movie not only ended up as #1 on my list of movies for that year, but it also has a particular scene with a hammer (it all comes full circle now) that made me cover my eyes like a little boy seeing boobs for the first time.  The clip is below.  You’ve been warned.

Ouch!  Sonofabitch!  Who’s got some Tylenol?  Yes, that is one brutal scene.  I’m sure it worked wonders for the sale of that particular hammer though.  Did you see how easily it bashed that poor bastard’s head in?  It’s almost like it wasn’t a real head!  Kill List is great, but don’t take it from me – take it from the hammer that’s about to smack you across the face for not seeing the movie yet.  Please hammer, hurt ’em if they don’t go watch Kill List.  Ok, I’m done here.