On February 12th, 2013….You Can Own A Piece Of Cinematic Horror History….

There are only a few times throughout your life where you can say that you were there to witness and be a part of a truly momentous day.  Perhaps you were alive for the first landing on the moon in 1969.  Or were able to join in the celebration of the Berlin Wall falling with David Hasselhoff in 1990.  Both significant moments in history.  But on February 12, 2013….our world as we know it will gain something so important, so groundbreaking, so horrible, that it will set a high ceiling for all other big announcements to come in the future. Prepare yourself.  Smiley is coming to DVD!

*didn’t I tell you to shut your mouth in the last three Smiley posts?*

I know what you’re saying – if I survive the Mayan Apocalypse on December 21st, how will I be able to wait all the way until February 12th for the greatest cinematic horror experience to ever grace my DVD player?  It will be tough.  I know.  But try and be strong.  There are more like you, and you’re more than welcome to attend any of the many Smiley group counseling sessions around the country and world.  Most are in these counseling groups to try and erase the horribleness that Smiley imprinted on their brains, but there are some I’m sure that are there coping with the anticipation of Smiley’s DVD release date of February 12th, 2013.  Mark it on your calendars ladies and gentleman.  Happiness and an awful movie are upon us.

*inhale some acting skills while you’re at it*