Holy Exploding Heads And Robots! ‘Chopping Mall’ Is Getting Released On Blu-Ray!

Easily one of my most cherished 80’s horror movies has always been Chopping Mall. What started with an amazing poster transitioned into a pretty amazing movie if you like cheesy 80’s acting, robots, boobs, and a nice exploding head.  And now according to Bloody Disgusting, we will now be able to see all of that in glorious Blu-ray form!

Vestron Video (google the name youngsters if you don’t know) is making a comeback and will be releasing Chopping Mall AND Blood Diner on September 27th.  Focusing on the former for now, we will get a load of special features – including:

• Director/Co-Writer Jim Wynorski, Actress Kelli Maroney, and Co-Writer/2nd Unit Director Steve Mitchell
• Historians/Authors Nathaniel Thompson (Mondo Video) and Ryan Turek (Shock Till You Drop)
• Director/Co-Writer Jim Wynorski and Co-Writer/2nd Unit Director Steve Mitchell
• “Back to the Mall”
• “Chopping Chopping Mall”
• “The Killbots”
• “Scoring Chopping Mall”
• “The Robot Speaks”
• “The Lost Scene”
• “Army of One”
• “Chopping Mall: Creating the Killbots”
• Isolated Score Track by Chuck Cirino
• Trailer

It’s a happy day in horror land, folks!  Just think, you will now be able to see the clip below in Blu-ray quality.  Stay tuned for more info on the preorder details.

When Irons Attack: Dario Argento’s ‘Opera’ (1987)

Want to see a woman get hit square in the back by an iron from a homicidal killer in an Italian horror movie?  Here ya go!

Hahaha!  That’s funny.  Until she dies a horrible death of course, which I’ll talk about in a minute.  That clip is from Dario Argento’s underrated 1987 giallo film, Opera (aka Terror At The Opera).  Soak it in folks, because this was Argento in his prime.  And Opera is full of vintage Argento, especially the scene I eluded to involving the wardrobe seamstress Giulia getting back-smacked with the iron while Betty (interesting Italian horror movie name btw) is forced to watch her die with needles taped under her eyes.  Good times!

Speaking of good times, Giulia accidentally swallows the bracelet that the killer is after while she’s dying.  Let’s just say that when he shoves the shears down her throat to try and retrieve it (all to a killer metal soundtrack I might add), I was squirming in my seat.  The good news for us, the viewer, is that he doesn’t succeed and has to cut through her throat to finally get back what he’s after, with effective sound effects to boot.  Hooray!  Watch the full scene below.  It’s in Spanish btw – so my apologies if you don’t speak Spanish.  Ay Dios Mio!

Dirty Horror Presents: “Bastaaaaaaaaaard!!!”

Few actresses have ever shown their range and thespian abilities like Lynda Day George in the 1982 slasher movie, Pieces.  Such poise.  Such grace. Such gratuitous over-acting.  All of this adds up to one of the best moments in horror movie history.  Strap yourselves in and prepare yourself for: “Bastaaaaaaaaaard!!!

Are you taking notes, Meryl Streep?  You damn well better be.  Lynda Day George took that to another level and we’re all better people for it.  You want to know the sad thing about that clip though?  It’s not even the best part in the movie.  Pieces is in another realm when it comes to bad horror, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible.  Unfortunately, the Blu-ray gods have yet to release this craptastic masterpiece, which is a god damn tragedy.  Seek it out on DVD if you can, and maybe you can surprise that horror movie lover in your life for the holidays!


Do You Remember 20/20’s ‘VCR Horrors’ Segment From The 80’s?

If you ever had a gross-out party when you were younger, then you’re going to love this post.  What’s that?  You never had a gross-out party?!  Oh wow.  It was all the rage apparently in the 80’s according to 20/20’s fascinating piece called ‘VCR Horror‘ which focused on the influence that horror movies have on kids.  Take it away Barbara Walters!

I think the first thing that comes to mind after watching that is the fact that 17-year-old Shereen Palatini is turned on by blood and guts.  Ok then!  The other observation is that little smug shit Caston Jarvis (fantastic name btw) mocking all of the kids who come to school and talk about horror movies.  What did you end up doing with YOUR life Caston Jarvis???  Oh – according to Google, it looks like you’re a Web News Manager.  All joking aside, how amazing is this introspective?  Any piece that can incorporate scenes from Splatter University and Cellar Dweller is ok in my books.

It was pretty shocking that ABC and 20/20 did this piece and even more shocking that there were kids in it putting Slumber Party Massacre up high on a pedestal.  The editorial does take a darker turn when talking about murders that were committed possibly due to the influence of horror movies (kudos to you Faces Of Death).  But overall, this is a joyous piece of nostalgia that will make any true horror movie fan grin from ear to ear.  Standing ovation to 20/20 for even having the balls to do a story like this, and for allowing us to form our own conclusions about whether or not a giant drill going through a guy’s chest can harm or help the children of the world.