When Conjoined Twins Go Wild: Belial From ‘Basket Case’ (1982)

Man, we’ve all been there:  Fed up with life, the world just constantly beating us down, and our former conjoined twin pushing us to act unruly and trash a hotel room.  Yeah, it pretty much happens every day – especially with cheesy stop motion effects courtesy of the 80’s.

But yes, I’m talking about the movie Basket Case.  A true ‘b-movie’ classic, not just in the form of 80’s horror – but cinema in general.  And one of the more enjoyably ridiculous scenes is when our favorite little wicker basket dweller Belial goes on a rampage and tears apart the hotel room that he and his brother Duane are staying in.  So please, stop what you’re doing and click the link below and enjoy.  Belial would have wanted it that way.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The D*ck Bite’ From ‘The Last House On The Left’ (1972)

It’s been said that a parent will stop at nothing to protect their children.  And in Wes Craven’s 1972 exploitation-horror gem The Last House On The Left, boy does that ring true.  In fact, some scenes in horror movies really need no introduction.  Especially ones where a vengeful mother takes matters into her own mouth.  And by matters, I mean a rapist’s penis.

Seemed fitting to have my first penis biting clip for Sunday Bloody Sunday on Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I’m not quite sure what that means, but there’s some kind of deeper meaning hidden in there somewhere.  You just have to search for it.  Like an Easter egg hunt.  There we go!  Now everything comes full circle.  But anyway, this scene always made me cringe and hopefully it made you cringe too.  If not, then here’s something to fill your cringe quota for the week: