Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Peephole Death’ From ‘Opera’ (1987)

Yep, back to back weeks of Dario Argento movies!  Last week on Sunday Bloody Sunday we had the arm chop from Tenebre.  And this week it’s all about a bullet through a peephole (that would be a good name for a song btw) from Mr. Argento’s 1987 underrated giallo, Opera.

I’m sure a lot of you out there have had some peephole anxiety in the past.  You get a knock on the door, but before you open it – you put your peeper up to the peephole to get a peak at who it is.  The whole fisheye lens can be deceiving and frustrating because it can be hard to get a good look at who’s on the other side.  Unfortunately for Mira (Daria Nicolodi) in Opera, she may have spent a little too much time on peephole patrol.  Without spoiling her ridiculous but entertaining death, I’ll let you watch it below to fully enjoy it:

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Basketball To The Head’ From Deadly Friend (1986)

Pictures don’t do justice to a scene where someone gets a basketball thrown at their head and it promptly explodes into a million pieces.  But I’m going to try here on another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday!  If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the basketball scene from Wes Craven’s ridiculous, but enjoyable, 1986 killer robot flick, Deadly Friend.  In the scene, Samantha (Kristy Swanson) takes some needed aggression out on the cranky old lady next door (Anne Ramsey aka that cranky old lady from The Goonies and Throw Mama From The Train).  So anyway – this scene goes down as one of the most laughable, but equally awesome death scenes in horror history.  Let’s take a journey now to a time when Youtube didn’t exist and good issues of Fangoria did, and enjoy the basketball death scene from Deadly Friend in picture form:

*she’s quite mannish*


*and that dummy is quite mannish too!*