Dirty Horror Presents: The Best Horrible Horror Movie Ending Ever! (The Uninvited – 1988)

Sometimes, even when a horror movie is terrible, it still can manage to leave you speechless.  And when this speechlessness happens, you have to ask yourself:  “Self…..is this intentionally bad, or were those involved actually attempting to make something meaningful?”  Welcome to the 1988 murderous feline flick, The Uninvited everybody!  Sound familiar?  Well, it should because I did a post on this enjoyable piece of crap before where I highlighted George Kennedy’s death scene.  So now I’m back with the meat and potatoes of this bad movie stew in the form of the big climatic ending.  So many talking points on this and so little time.  Watch below and we’ll discuss afterward:

The sinking fake ship.  The acting.  The solution our hero and his gal come up with to get away from the furry cat puppet.  All equally amazing in a terrible kind of way.  With those turbulent stormy seas sinking their original larger ship, it’s quite the accomplishment that their little ass rowboat can sustain these harsh weather conditions.  Movie magic ladies and gentlemen!  And let me touch again on the “solution” our survivors come up with.  What a coincidence that they happened to have a satchel to put that money in before they threw the briefcase in the water to trick the cat puppet into jumping on it even though cats really don’t swim.  Priceless.  I haven’t seen an ending this believable since Scream 2.

*I played a lesbian on Roseanne*

In all sarcastic seriousness, The Uninvited may be the crown jewel of bad 80’s horror movies.  I can thank Chicago’s own, Svengoolie, for turning me on to this flick.  One thing though.  That’s not a killer cat:


This is a killer cat!

*MEOW!!! GRRRR!!!*