Today Is The Day That ‘The Blob’ Blu-ray Will Be Released…….

Cue up some annoying trumpets and the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme song.  Today is a joyous day indeed.  It’s the day that Twilight Time will be finally be releasing 1988’s The Blob remake on Blu-ray!


For those of you who don’t know, Twilght Time is a company that puts out limited edition versions of movies onto Blu-ray.  In the past, they’ve released horror titles like Christine and Fright Night in quantities of only 3000 total. Bad news for those who couldn’t grab those, because they’re up on Ebay for upwards of $100.  Now, for The Blob release – they’ve upped the number to 5000, so you’ve got a better shot to pick one up at cost.  Do it quick though, because I suspect by tomorrow that they’ll be sold out.  Head over to their site HERE today at 4:00 EST and snag one up.  Word is it will be around $30 or so. Blob remake enthusiasts unite!

Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ Finally Getting The Blu-ray Release It Deserves!

Today marks the day that proves your voice can actually be heard.  For years now, fans of Clive Barker’s 1990 film Nightbreed have petitioned both online and in the streets to get a release on Blu-ray/DVD of the version that Clive always intended you to see.  Unfortunately when the movie was released, the studio cut the shit out of it, so what we saw on the big screen and on video was not true to form.  But now, almost 25 years later, we can all dance around and rejoice because the great company Scream Factory and Clive Barker himself are finally bringing us the Director’s Cut of Nightbreed in all of it’s original glory!


I always loved this movie, but when I would watch it, I could tell that there had been heavy studio tinkering involved.  The story itself was original, the creatures mesmerizing, and when you have the great director David Cronenberg playing a sadistic killer who wears a badass mask – how can you go wrong?  The release of this version on Blu-ray/DVD is big news people and Nightbreed has a HUGE following which is only going to make the buzz bigger.  Let’s talk specs real quick, because there are two different options you can go for:

Limited Edition Set:

– Only 5000 numbered sets produced

– 3 Discs on Blu-ray (Unrated Director’s Cut, Original Theatrical Version, Bonus Disc With Loads Of Extras)

– Collector’s book with essays and rare photos

– Slipcase with new artwork approved by Clive Barker

– $79.97 price tag

Special Edition Set:

– Unrated Director’s Cut on Blu-ray with bonus features

– Unrated Director’s Cut on DVD

– Slipcase with new artwork approved by Clive Barker

– $23.93 price tag

If you pre-order the limited edition from Scream Factory HERE right now, you can get a very limited poster and one of the first 1000 numbered copies of the set.  Now, I know that the price tag of $79.97 seems a bit steep, but if you know the hard work and effort that has gone into making this release happen, it’s more than justified (I already pre-ordered mine btw).  Release date is in October, depending on which version you pre-order (limited edition ships two weeks earlier), so head on over to Scream Factory and snatch up your copy of Nightbreed before they’re gone and up on Ebay for twice the amount. Midian fans rejoice!