Let’s Toast……To That ‘Alcohol Death’ Scene From ‘Sorority Row’ (2009)

I recently revisited the 80’s slasher movie The House On Sorority Row and realized that this movie has been criminally underrated on my 80’s slasher scale.  And it got me to thinking……about those hot girls in the 2009 loose remake called Sorority Row.  So many hot girls.  Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked due to my one-track mind……but it also got me to thinking about that death scene where the girl gets the bottle of alcohol shoved down her throat.

Cheers, to that death scene!  The movie itself was fairly run-of-the-mill as far as slashers go, but it did have some hot girls in it.  Did I mention the hot girls btw?  Because there are definitely hot girls in there.  Oh!  And that bottle death scene that you watched above.  To me, it’s a top notch kill with some great practical effects and a nasty little throat slit to boot. So because it’s a slow news day (other than all of that ‘Trump Vs. The NFL’ crap going on), I felt the need to spotlight this scene from Sorority Row and also overemphasize the hotness of the girls in the movie.  I’m proud of myself for refraining from an oral sex joke about that bottle going down her throat btw.

Horror Movie Posters I Love: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Tis the season to break out your favorite Christmas-themed horror movies! And one that should be on the top of your list is the controversial 1984 slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night.  But as much as I would love to talk about the actual movie and discuss Linnea Quigley’s super awesome nude ‘antlers through the chest’ death scene, we’re talking posters here and the poster for Silent Night, Deadly Night is a cheesy gem.

Obviously playing off of the whole holiday horror theme, thanks largely in part to Halloween, this poster to me captures everything that was great about 80’s horror movies.  Being that the movie caused a huge uproar, the poster alone was controversial considering what a beloved figure that Santa Claus is supposed to be.  He’s supposed to be jolly and when he laughs he’s supposed to shake like a bowl full of jelly.  So, here we have him holding an axe with blood dripping font in the movie title for the movie poster.  Not exactly family friendly, but therein lies the appeal to me.

This is the epitome of a perfect poster for a not-so-perfect movie though. Gotta love that ‘He knows when you’ve been naughty‘ tagline too!  And being that this is a personal favorite of mine, I’ll be spotlighting more from it in the weeks to come before the big day of December 25th.  To yuletide you over for now, enjoy the poster and this lovely drawing below that Billy did while in Catholic school.  Just precious.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Shotgun Impalement’ From ‘Halloween 4 – The Return Of Michael Myers’ (1988)

Pffft.  Bullets are for suckers.  As least that’s what Michael Myers thought when he was shoving a shotgun into a helpless Kelly during 1988’s, Halloween 4:  The Return Of Michael Myers.  And in keeping with the Halloween theme this month on Sunday Bloody Sunday, that’s where we’re going this week.

Michael Myers is a bit of a jokester.  True story!  See, in the scene he “pretends” to be a deputy while he sits in a rocking chair as Kelly unknowingly brings him a tasty hot beverage.  You can click the link below to see what happens next, but as you probably already know, she gets a gut full of shotgun barrel!

I dig this death scene because it’s a little different as far as Michael Myers killings go.  He pretty much went bat shit crazy in this sequel that included everything from electrocutions, head smashings, and my personal favorite:  a big thumb to the forehead.  I have a soft spot for Kelly’s death though, but not as soft as the spot where Michael thrust that shotgun into on her body.  Ba-da-dum!  Sorry, these shotgun death scene jokes aren’t as easy to come by as you’d think……

*This mirror makes me look fat :(*