A Valentine’s Day Tribute: Hollis’ Mustache From ‘My Bloody Valentine’

With Valentine’s Day a mere three days away, there are only two things you should really be thinking about.  First:  what are you’re going to get your girlfriend or wife so that your ass isn’t sleeping on the couch?  Second:  what horror movie are you going to watch in honor of this fake holiday?  The first one I can’t help with, but I’ll pray for you.  The second is pretty easy considering there is only one Valentine’s Day themed horror movie that has quite possibly the greatest cinematic mustache of all time!


Yes ladies (and some gentlemen), that impressive flavor saver you’re looking at up there belongs to none other than Hollis.  He’s a not really lean, sometimes pretty mean, gorgeous furry-lipped machine!  And he can be all yours this Valentine’s Day if you watch the underrated 1981 slasher flick, My Bloody Valentine.  His mustache deserved it’s own name in the credits.  So it seems only fitting to salute this monumental lady tickler and give it the respect that it deserves.  Feels only right to give you one more glance at it before I go too.  And I bet you won’t even notice that there are three other people in the pic because you’ll be staring at Hollis’ cookie duster the whole time………