Horror Holiday Gifts: ‘A Christmas Gory’ T-Shirt

I know I’m not alone when I say that every time I watch A Christmas Story, I envision Ralphie snapping in the worst way when he tries on Aunt Clara’s pink bunny pajamas.  And now the great horror t-shirt site Fright Rags has brought that vision to life in comfortable 100% cotton form!

Yep.  That is actually a t-shirt.  And it goes on sale this Friday The 13th over at Fright-Rags.Com and in my opinion, is the perfect holiday gift for that horror fan and/or A Christmas Story fan in your life.  It’s a pretty epic product and obviously deserves to have some kind of movie to accompany that epicness.  I only wish that there was a partner shirt featuring our favorite bully that will make you scream ‘Uncle’:  Scott Farkus.  “He had yellow eyes…..so help me God…..YELLOW EYES!