5 Things That Make ‘Night Of The Demons’ The Best Halloween Movie Ever!

With October 31st approaching fast, everyone is getting ready to pick their favorite movie from the Halloween franchise to watch on Halloween night.  Is it going to be John Carpenter’s 1978 original?  Or maybe you’re in the mood for the Silver Shamrock jingle?  And what about the one with Busta Rhymes? Matter of fact, forget about all of those because the best Halloween-themed horror movie to watch on Halloween night involves lipstick and not a William Shatner mask from Star Trek.


Yeah!!  Night Of The Demons is quite possibly (at least for me) the best Halloween-themed horror movie of all time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Myers and respect John Carpenter to death, but there’s just something about Night Of The Demons that puts it on top.  Actually, there are 5 things that put it on the top and here they are:


1.  The Lipstick Scene

How could this not be number one?  Now look – I know that I’m kind of taking the cheap way out and going with the weird gratuitous nudity scene right out the gate, but how could I not?  It was one thing to watch Linnea Quigley eroticly draw on her naked body with the pink lipstick, but then to make any magician proud – it disappears!  Into her nipple nonetheless.  Spoiler alert.


2.  The Soundtrack

Not only is the original soundtrack (composed by Dennis Michael Tenney) pure 80’s horror goodness, this movie has one of the best solo dance segments ever!  When Angela decides to dance to Bauhaus’ “Stigmata Martyr“, you can’t help but to be hypnotized………Don’t believe me?  Watch the clip below and find out:


3.  Stooge’s Hair

I remember watching Night Of The Demons when I was younger and actually wanting Stooge’s haircut.  Clearly there was something wrong with me, and I didn’t quite have enough to pull off a mullet, but looking back on it now – this might be my favorite 80’s movie haircut ever and it just adds to the overall feel of the movie.  Nothing says 80’s like a mullet with some lines and steps cut in on the sides of your hair.  Never has there been a better haircut for a movie character named Stooge.



4.  This Movie Is So Fucking Fun! 

Few horror movies can really nail the whole ‘fun factor’, and Night Of The Demons is the exception.  Are you going to get Oscar nominated acting here? Nope.  But the dialogue is witty and clever and even though there are some creepy moments (Angela’s makeup and voice for one), the movie is the quintessential 80’s horror product that brings the fun.  Multiple viewings are usually a way to test the shelf life of a horror movie, and Night Of The Demons seems to get better with each viewing.  Oh – and there are quite a few pairs of boobs in it too to add to the ‘fun factor’.


5.  The Ending Is Perfect 

Growing up in a small Indiana town, I actually dealt with my fair share of cranky old people who hated Halloween and hated giving kids candy.  One guy used to give out rotten apples and chocolate covered crickets.  True story.  So at the end of Night Of The Demons, it always makes me smile to see that crabby old guy get his comeuppance when his ‘razor blades in the apple’ plan backfires.  Perfect way to end the movie and a perfect homage to Halloween in general.


So there you have it.  If you haven’t seen Night Of The Demons (let me specify that I’m talking about the Kevin Tenney original from 1988, not the terrible remake), then do yourself a favor and watch it this year on Halloween. Scream Factory released a pretty amazing Blu-ray that has a great transfer and tons of extras a little while back.  And if you take your kids trick-or-treating this year, make sure to watch out for the cranky old guys with apples.

Anticipation Alert: Tales Of Halloween (2015)

Halloween is only three months away, and I’m already getting all of my ‘required viewing’ horror movies lined up to start the celebration.  In 2007, the ridiculously good anthology flick Trick ‘r Treat came busting onto the scene and has earned a right into that ‘required viewing’ category.  And speaking of Halloween anthology movies, I’m pretty excited this year because a new one called Tales Of Halloween is coming out on October 16th (limited theaters and VOD), and if the trailer below is any indication – we’re in for a fun ride:

Early word and buzz on this is that it’s as fun as the trailer looks.  Comprised of 10 short stories each done by a different director that intertwine throughout, Tales Of Halloween looks to be exactly what we need to cure our Halloween movie blues.  And the fact that there are some of your favorite horror actors, actresses, and directors involved only sweetens the deal.  Who you ask?  How about Neil Marshall, Darren Lynn Bousman, Lucky McKee, Lin Shaye, Adrienne Barbeau, John Landis, and Barbara Crampton to name a few.  So get ready for Tales Of Halloween hitting select theaters on October 16th and you will also have the option to relax in your own home and check it out on VOD.

Dirty Horror Dance Party: Angela’s Dance From ‘Night Of The Demons’ (1988)

I’m feeling pretty funky today, so let’s have a dance party!  Who’s that I see in the distance wearing that sexy black dress?  Oh – it’s Angela from 1988’s Night Of The Demons!  Perfect timing since Halloween is coming soon and that movie takes place on Halloween night.  Angela looks like she’s ready to boogie, so let’s all sit back and get hypnotized by her moves as she gets down to ‘Stigmata Martyr’ by Bauhaus.  Unfortunately, Stooge shows up towards the end and fucks up the moment.

Anticipation Alert: Trick ‘r Treat 2

Rejoice!  It was recently announced by director Michael Dougherty that there will be a follow up sequel to 2007’s excellent horror anthology, Trick ‘r Treat. Only problem is that it won’t be coming out until 2018.  Kidding!  That’s a joke based on the fact that the original was delayed for so long and sat on a dusty shelf for no reason.  Bottom line:  I can’t wait for Trick ‘r Treat 2!

*The trick is to carve it while you’re wearing a shirt and tie*

Being that Michael Myers doesn’t look to be hitting any movie screens in the foreseeable future, we need our Halloween fix and Trick ‘r Treat 2 is exactly what I need in my veins.  Drug references are fun.  The original blew me away and it’s become a staple viewing in the Dirty Horror household every October 31st.  And based on the fact that there were literally no horror movies out in theaters this year for Halloween (sorry, Carrie doesn’t even count in my book), they need to release the sequel during Halloween next year and IN THEATERS!  Yes, one of the biggest crimes that befell Trick ‘r Treat was that it didn’t make it into theaters.

*That’s what she gets for mouthing off.  It’s a pun!*

Now the studio can right a wrong this time and get this sucker into theaters and actually support a movie that celebrates Halloween.  Question is, what themes will be around this time?  Well, director Michael Dougherty just announced that he hopes to deal with the topic of witches this time out.  Fair enough.  But maybe some other Halloween traditions can get some shine in the sequel too. How about bobbing for apples?  Smelly feet?  Poisonous candy corn? Whatever the focus is, we know that little Sam will be intertwined throughout to tie the stories together.  Love that little nasty guy.

*Who’s got the best pajamas in town?  You do!*

I just pray that this sequel doesn’t lag in the preliminary stages.  We need Trick ‘r Treat 2 by next Halloween!  Until then, we’ll settle for the original and if we get really desperate, we’ll watch Busta Rhymes karate kick Michael Myers for some Halloween time enjoyment.