Anticipation Alert: Living Dead Dolls ‘Psycho’ Set

Living Dead Dolls have started to blip on my radar recently because they honor the world of horror and the detail involved with them is pretty sweet. They’ve been around for a while now, but I never pulled the trigger in the purchase department.  No surprise though that my eyes got very wide when I saw this new Psycho set that you can pre-order now just in time for Halloween this year!  Yes, if you head over to Mezco Toys HERE, you can pre-order the Norman Bates & Marion tag team.

Think about the fun you can have at your next dinner party when you reenact the infamous shower scene and then have He-Man come charging in to join the fun while Boba Fett watches on in amusement.  Ok, that was my personal action figure fantasy I threw in there.  But anyway, if you weren’t paying attention to the post earlier, head HERE and pre-order the Living Dead Doll Psycho set now!