Can We Get A Good Movie Based On ‘The Boogeyman’ Please?

When I was a young boy in Indiana, I remember flushing an apple core down the toilet and watching in horror as the water rose up and almost flooded our bathroom.  My Dad being the sympathetic soul that he is, told me that if I ever did that again, The Boogeyman was gonna get me.  Well, of course I slept that night with the covers pulled up to my eyes, listening for every little noise that was coming from inside my room – specifically under my bed and in the closet.

The Boogeyman is synonymous with scaring the shit out of little children and terrorizing them into submissive behavior.  Around the world, there are different versions and tales of him (or her if you’re not sexist), with Latin America winning the prize for the most disturbing.  The Boogeyman there is known as the Sack Man and he steals children who misbehave, throws them in a large sack over his back, then eats them later.  Precious.  But the age old question surrounding The Boogeyman isn’t whether or not he’s a Burger King or McDonald’s kind of guy. It’s the question of why hasn’t there been a good horror movie made about him?   Continue reading