Will You Pick Up ‘The Call’???

Yeah.  Never above bad puns here at Dirty Horror.  But anyway, if you’ve seen the trailer or TV spots for the new Halle Berry driven kidnapping thriller, The Call, then you’re probably thinking what we’re all thinking.  Wow!  That looks…….completely awful.  I’d like to have some faith in director Brad Anderson because he gave me a movie that still creeps me out to this day called Session 9.  But then I watch the TV spots for The Call and see Halle Berry’s terror faces and am taken back to my first and only viewing of the terrible film that they call Gothika.  Maybe Halle can pull it off though!  And maybe Dark Skies is going to be THE horror event of the year!  Whatever the case, please come inside and enjoy this pictorial salute to what looks to be the best 911 operator in cinematic history.    Continue reading