Anticipation Alert: ‘Curse Of Chucky’ Trailer Is Here!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Could I possibly be overselling this just a tad?  Never!  Ok – maybe.  The trailer is finally here for the upcoming Direct-To-DVD extravaganza, Curse Of Chucky!  As I mentioned in a previous Chucky post, it’s nice to see all of those involved getting back to the Good Guy’s roots and moving away from the Three Stooges type slap stickery that exists in the most recent sequels.  Check out the trailer below and we’ll discuss after:

Let’s start with the good stuff:  Chucky’s serious and evil again.  Barely any comedic tone is evident, and in my eyes, that’s a good thing.  It also looks like we could have some mean-spirited handicap killing too, which is only acceptable in a horror movie by the way.  In addition to all of that, Brad Dourif is reprising his role as Chucky’s voice and Don Mancini, who wrote all of the previous Child’s Play movies, is writing again and directing as well!

Now for the ‘elephant in the room’ bad part.  Chucky looks weird in spots. Almost feminine to a certain extent, and it looks as though they’re going a little more digital with his facial movements, which would add to the weirdness.  In due time, we’ll know whether or not this is moderately acceptable or downright distracting when it hits video on October 8th.  For now though, if you’re a Child’s Play fan, you should be rejoicing that the goofy schtick seems to be gone, and the more serious/maniacal tone is back!  Now if we could only get used to that new face.