Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Finger Face’ From ‘Dead Alive’ (1992)

Aside from having a fear of mayonnaise, I also have a striking fear of having somebody shove their fingers literally into my face.  A strange fear, I know, but that’s why this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday is all the more personal to me.

If you’ve never seen Peter Jackson’s bloody brilliant Dead Alive (aka Braindead), then you shouldn’t be reading any horror sites anymore.  Your privileges have been revoked.  But if you’re like me and have seen a couple hundred times, then maybe one of your favorite scenes is when the nurse gets a face full of Mum’s fingers.  Watch below and enjoy the deadly digit demise.  Try saying that 5 times fast.

Amazing VHS Sales Promo For Peter Jackson’s ‘Dead Alive’ (1992)

Being that I’m a HUGE fan of Peter Jackson’s 1992 blood-soaked opus, Dead Alive, I was pretty ecstatic and giddy when I found this rare VHS sales promo ad for the movie that was given out to video stores before it’s release:

Are we sure that this was released in 1992?  Because the music is definitely straight out of the 80’s and makes me want to exercise for some reason.  But anyway, let’s talk about the toothless elephant in the room for a second.  The dentally-challenged guy who proclaims “It’s like Monty Python meets George Romero.  Outstanding!!!” is awesome.  He deserved some kind of spin-off or something, even though I don’t think you can do spin-offs from a VHS sales tape.

Hopefully this promo gave Dead Alive the boost that it needed when it was distributed to video stores in 1992.  And hopefully, everyone enjoyed and got great use out of their Dead Alive candy dispensers.  I’m kind of envious and bitter that I didn’t get to enjoy my own candy dispenser.  Life sucks sometimes. I for one discovered this movie on VHS, and came close to wearing out my copy from so many viewings.  I just can’t get enough of that damn rat monkey!


Find Of The Week: Rare Japanese Promotional Item For ‘Dead Alive’ (1992)

It pains me to not be able to put the ‘Ebay’ in front of ‘Find Of The Week’ for this post today, because that means what I’m about to talk about is sadly not for sale at the moment.  Upon searching for photos of Peter Jackson’s classic gorefest Dead Alive (aka Braindead) yesterday, I stumbled across a legit picture of a randomly amazing promotional item for the Japanese release of the 1992 film on VHS.  Thanks to Ghoul Basement for the info, below is a pic of an inflatable version of the maniacal face-ripping baby that you apparently could have owned if you lived in Japan.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.38.25 AM

Easily one of the best promotional movie items I’ve ever seen.  But it’s such a tease!  The tease being because you basically can’t find one and I would imagine that if one of these babies showed up on Ebay, they would go for a pretty price.  So unfortunately, all we can really do is just stare at the pic and imagine what it would be like to have a creepy inflatable Dead Alive baby in our possession.  Just don’t stare at the pic too long, because then not only is the inflatable Dead Alive baby creepy, but you are too.