Get Ready – ‘Monsterpalooza’ Is Coming Back To Pasadena!!

Robert Englund. Bruce Campbell. Oh, do I have your attention now? Because if you choose to go to the always great….never duplicated….best convention around called Monsterpalooza this coming June 2nd through the 4th in Pasadena – you will have the chance to meet both of these horror icons! That’s right, Monsterpalooza is back and better than ever. It’s my favorite horror convention to frequent, and this year they have Freddy….Ash….and one of my favorites, Doug Jones….Kane Hodder….and more to still be announced!

Now, as of me writing this – there are VERY limited spots available for professional photo-ops with Robert and Bruce, but there are still plenty of other celebs you can snap a pic with AND get your favorite horror merch signed to boot. In addition to that – there will be cosplayers, tons of spooky vendors, makeup demonstrations and showcases, and panel Q&As with all of the already mentioned horror talent!

Just buy a 3-day pass and thank me later. And speaking of, you can go HERE to purchase your tickets. Be warned – they will sell out, so snatch em’ up now. Monsterpalooza is going to be the place to be in June, and you don’t want to regret it when you see all of your friends posting their super fun pics on social media. So hit the link above and get to it. I will scare you there!

Review: 2021’s Los Angeles Comic Con!

Another convention! Woohoo! Take that, Omicron! But anyway – yes, conventions do get me a wee bit excited. And this past weekend I was lucky enough to attend Los Angeles Comic Con again. Now, I am more partial to horror conventions – but what makes Los Angeles Comic Con so amazing is that it is out of my comfort zone a little, and I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the inventive cosplaying. But fear not fellow horror lovers! There was still plenty of horror-themed vendors, cosplayers, and celebrities. The almighty Bruce Campbell counts as a horror celebrity, right?

Not Bruce Campbell.

Speaking of Bruce, he did a fun Q&A session on the main stage – where we all learned that he hates candy corn and he also let us know that his Evil Dead character Ash will NEVER be returning in any form in the future (sad trombone sound effect). In addition to Mr. Campbell – there were tons of panels throughout the day (Boy Meets World, anyone?) and TONS of aforementioned cosplaying (especially towards the middle of the day).

I didn’t make it to the gaming rooms unfortunately, or get to sit in the super fun Star Trek chairs. And my only other regret was not realizing there were food trucks and booze outside until it was a bit too late (more sad trombone sound effects). All in all, Los Angeles Comic Con was a blast and I can’t wait to see what they do next year! Perhaps I’ll do my own cosplay and go as superstar wrestler Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine or something.

Also not Bruce Campbell.

MONSTERPALOOZA Coming Back To Pasadena April 12th-14th!

Can you feel that?  No, it’s not another minor California earthquake……it’s the excitement building for this year’s Monsterpalooza convention creeping it’s way back into Pasadena in April!  Easily my favorite convention to attend, it perfectly blends the worlds of ‘horror’ and ‘makeup effects’ to give the convention crowd a once in a lifetime experience.


So, I know you are wondering…..who’s going to be there?  Well, no one really…….except Bruce Campbell, Linda Blair, Henry Thomas (part of an E.T. reunion), Kane Hodder, Chris Sarandon, and more!  Did I mention Bruce Campbell?!?  Groovy.  In addition to the special guests, there will be tons of vendors and presentations……not to mention several booths where you can see the art of makeup effects being applied to models in person!  If you’re curious in knowing more about this year’s Monsterpalooza convention taking place April 12th-14th, head over HERE for more info and links to purchase tickets (fyi, online sales will most likely sell out… get them now).  See you there!

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Band Saw Head Split’ From ‘Intruder’ (1989)

Do you like 80’s slasher movies?  Do you like lots of gore and creative death scenes in your slasher movies?  Well have I got the movie for you then!  Ok – enough of my special infomercial voice, let’s talk about heads getting cut in half by band saws.  That was an awkward transition.

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday and this week I am showcasing a little slasher movie with some big names attached.  Ever heard of Bruce Campbell?  Sam Raimi?  Good, then you get a cookie.  In 1989, Raimi’s friend Scott Spiegel directed and wrote Intruder – a slasher about a maniac killing people in a supermarket.  The potatoes weren’t the only thing that was half-off that day.  Case in point, this guy’s head in the clip below that happened to meet an angry band saw.  Still one of the best death scenes ever in my opinion.  Enjoy!

Whoa……Footage For The Evil Dead Remake Leaks Online!

Ok – I retract some of what I said about remakes in the previous Carrie post.  I do however stand by my stance on that remake most likely being a shot for shot redux when it’s all said and done.  Now when it was announced that The Evil Dead was being remade earlier in the year, I shook my head non stop for about an hour, leading to a monumental headache and a gross amount of stares from people around me. Ahhh, but then both Sam Raimi (producer on the remake) and Bruce Campbell (also a producer) came out and said that die hard Deadite fans should fear not, because the Evil Dead remake would be: scary, bloody, and waaaay over the top!  Well, thanks to some bootleg camera work from the recent New York Comic Con, we get a glimpse at the madness and trust me when I say, it looks REALLY good!

I don’t even know where to begin with the awesomeness of that bootleg footage.  Fun fact btw:  because this is bootleg footage, therefore “illegal”, watch it while you can because it will most likely be yanked soon until a proper teaser is released.  **See, they took it down already – click HERE to go over to Arrow In The Head and check it out before they take that one down too**  Now, back to the footage.  Many, many nods to the original Evil Dead including:  the hyper camera movement through the woods, blood splattering on the lights, chainsaws, and of course the raping trees.  In addition to that, it looks like a lot more nasty self mutilation is in store and that tongue splitting at the end looked amazing.  If this footage is any indication, they really got this one right people.  And this Evil Dead remake looks like it has the potential to be one of scariest horror movies that has come out in a long time, not to mention one of the goriest.  Keep those fingers crossed everybody and mark April 13th, 2013 down on your horror calendar!

*good luck sleeping tonight after seeing this pic*


News Update: Evil Dead Remake Will Be Blooooooody!

If you were one of the five people that read my post about the fake Evil Dead remake trailer, then you know that I was already giddy about the deadite redo. Then we got word for Bruce Campbell himself that he thought it was “fabulous” and the effects were going to be “10 times better” (hopefully better than that toolshed scene in Drag Me To Hell….god that was awful….I mean seriously….but I love that movie so I can let that one scene slide).  Now I didn’t know how to really read Bruce’s comments.  On one hand you want to say “Oh wow! The original Ash loves the new remake!”.  On the other slightly bigger hand, the skeptic comes out and his comments are filled with a little too much excitement (kind of like when you get some flannel pajamas from your parents on Xmas and have to fake it).

*a common response to a viewing of ‘keeping up with the kardashians’*

Well folks, now we get word from Sam Raimi himself, who along with Bruce Campbell are producers, that the remake is:  Really bloody. It’s so bloody, it will make your head spin. I’ve seen almost all the dailies and they’re really going for it. It’s gonna be grisly and intense and non-stop.  Ok – anticipation just got bumped up a notch past the Garbage Pail Kids Movie remake.  Not only did he say that, but he also said that it will: Definitely have an R rating.  Maybe worse.  

*chew that horrible wig off while you’re at*

So to recap – both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are fully endorsing and hyping up the Evil Dead remake, which if it sticks, is due in theaters April 12th, 2013.  Now all we need is a big push and endorsement from Richard DeManincor who played the lovable Scott.  Then we’ll really have something going!  Stay tuned for more Evil Dead remake news as it comes in.  Oh – did I mention that Sam Raimi also announced that he’s working on new horror movie script with his brother Ted?  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? (cue head explosion)

*Advil’s new edgy marketing campaign*