Review: Cabin Fever (2016)

When I first heard that Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever was being remade, I had to do some serious math in my head.  Add the 2, multiply the 4, carry the 3 and……holy shit – it’s been almost 15 years since it was released!  Even though that seems like a somewhat high number and makes me feel slightly old, I’m not sure it’s long enough to warrant the remake treatment.  But with Eli Roth’s blessing and guidance, writer Randy Pearlstein and director Travis Zariwny set out to accomplish just that, with early news breaking that they would ‘put their own spin’ on Roth’s original.  Well they must have been drinking contaminated water when they said that, because the only spinning going on here is from your head wondering why this was even made.  Harsh?  Yeah.  So let’s get into it.   Continue reading

Very Bad Things: ‘Cabin Fever’ Already Getting A Remake And Eli Roth Is Involved??

Pardon me, but I’m a bit dizzy from shaking my head back and forth so much after this news.  Soooooooo apparently, there is a remake already in the works and ready to start shooting for Eli Roth’s debut horror offering from 2002, Cabin Fever.  Before I begin my rant, I will let it be known that I don’t consider the movie to be an undisputed horror classic or anything, but in my opinion it’s a fun and sick little flick that gets the job done on multiple levels.  Ok – now on with my rant.


It’s been 12 years since the original was released.  12 years.  Now, I’m not a remake timeframe expert or anything, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 12 years is a bit premature to roll out a redo.  This unfortunately screams cash-grab because there is honestly no reason that I can think of to go forward with this plan.  At least Eli Roth isn’t really involved and at least they’re not going to use the exact script used in the original.

Eli Roth will serve as producer/executive producer Travis Zariwny directing, working off of the EXACT script from the original

Motherfucker.  Well, I guess if I sat through Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, I can sit through a pointless remake that will most likely include a Cerina Vincent look-a-like shaving her infected scabby legs.  Whatever…..I do love to be proven wrong, so with that I say good luck and Godspeed, Eli Roth and the Cabin Fever remake crew……may you find solace in your search for a new karate kid who loves his pancakes.

Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Rider Strong’s Armpits In ‘Cabin Fever’ (2002)

The armpit is a body part that just doesn’t get the respect and admiration that it deserves.  It’s associated with smelliness, which is such a drag considering that the armpit has so much more to offer than that.  If only someone could show us that this underprivileged section of the body is more than something that can turn someone’s nose up in disgust.  If only someone could show us the beauty of an underarm.  If only………………………….


Behold!  And possibly shield your eyes if you must.  Rider Strong’s armpit hair in 2002’s, Cabin Fever!  Somewhere, Locks Of Love is keeping a sharp eye on these impressive hairy specimens.  I liked Cabin Fever for what it was, but when these bushy beauties showed up on-screen, they were definitely a scene stealer.  Even Cerina Vincent’s leg shaving fiasco was almost in trouble of being dethroned as the number one Cabin Fever moment (I said almost).  Her infected gams are safe in the top spot, but it’s to no one’s surprise that I hereby proclaim that Rider Strong’s armpits are easily a Great Moment In Horror Hair History!

In Case You Missed It: The Walking Dead – Cold Storage Webisodes

Still mourning the loss of T-Dogg, Lori, and that scrappy little inmate with the axe from the latest Walking Dead episode?  Well put your tissues away and let’s keep this zombie train rolling!  Here’s a little something that you may have missed that you might dig.  Over on the AMC website, they put a 4-part web series called The Walking Dead: Cold Storage up for your viewing pleasure. Directed by executive producer of The Walking Dead and FX master Greg Nicotero, it also stars Josh Stewart (The Collector, The Collection), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever), and Daniel Roebuck.

The story follows Chase (Josh Stewart) as he takes shelter from the zombies in a storage facility run by B.J. (Daniel Roebuck).  After realizing that B.J. is not the most trusting guy, Chase tries to find a way out and rescues Kelly (Cerina Vincent) along the way.  Check out the series below and watch for a nice nod to Rick Grimes’ character from the show:


Ladies Of Horror Bowl For Boobies And Take On Domestic Violence!

Two separate great causes are going on right now involving some of our favorite ladies of horror and you can help them out!  First up:  Sean Decker over at Dread Central has put together another team of Horror Starlets for a yearly fundraiser supporting breast cancer awareness aptly named, Bowling For Boobies. Participating this year are:  Cerina Vincent (MoniKa, Cabin Fever), Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede), Allison Kyler (Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2), Brooke Lewis (Slime City Massacre), Sarah Butler (I Spit On Your Grave), Carlee Baker (The Woman) and Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel), among others.

You can help with a donation, whether it be small or large, by going HERE. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can come out to Jillian’s Hi Life at Universal City Walk on October 21st for the full red carpet and bowling experience, all for a great cause.  Help them reach their goal of $20,000 and help fight breast cancer at the same time!

Next up is something really cool that Fright Rags is doing to help fight and bring awareness to domestic violence.  They’ve joined forces with the “final girls” of the first Friday The 13th movies (Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Dana Kimmell, Kimberly Beck) and had designer Gary Pullin put together this nifty little eight-color screen print poster. Better yet, each print (limited to 175) is personally signed by all four women and is individually numbered!  On top of that, 60% of the profits will be split between four charities that each help the victims of domestic violence.  The prints go on sale September 21st for $89.95 and you can buy them HERE!