Cheese Please: Trailer For James Balsamo’s ‘Cool As Hell’

Being that I ingested my fair share of healthy portions from Troma Entertainment throughout my years, I’m always on the lookout for the next filmmaker or company that will follow in King Kaufman’s footsteps.  And I believe I have drunkenly stumbled upon it with James Balsamo and his Acid Bath Productions.  Sometimes, I love my horror films with extra cheese, and that’s what I got when I clicked play on Balsamo’s trailer for the upcoming Cool As Hell.  Although the boobs are blurred (always a shame when that happens), it’s still somewhat NSFW, so click below with discretion advised:

Any movie that has Tim Ritter in it scores points with me.  And it looks like besides the random cameo, we can expect:  boobs, blood, zombies, demons, more boobs, and more blood!  I’m sold.  Look for Cool As Hell to hit stores on February 19th and follow James on Twitter HERE or Facebook HERE and support independent horror!

**EDIT**  James Balsamo just emailed me and didn’t want my gore and boob deprived followers to go boob/gore hungry on this Thursday morning.  So here’s the red band, definitely NSFW trailer for Cool As Hell: