Dirty Horror Memory Lane: The ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ Board Game (1978)

Well I’m upset.  No, please don’t try and calm me down.  I’m upset because I just found out that instead of playing the terrible Clash Of The Titans board game when I was a kid, I could have been playing a board game based on 1978’s Dawn Of The Dead!  Yep, color me clueless because I had no idea that this even existed.

Apparently, there were two options to play for the game.  Option 1:  a zombie player has to kill any three characters.  Option 2:  a human player has to secure the mall by closing the four entrances and eliminating all of the zombies that are currently inside.  Not sure if there was a third option where you could play as a biker gang that goes around throwing pies and shooting seltzer water into the zombie’s faces.

The bottom line is that this is pretty awesome, but unfortunately, awesome comes at a price nowadays.  This rare Dawn Of The Dead board game can cost a few hundred bucks up on Ebay.  There have been updated reproductions that you can buy and even download online, but I’m a purist and would want the original real deal.  Nothing quite satisfies the “I wish I was young again” thirst like an authentic piece of random pop culture.  Here’s to you, horror board game nostalgia!