Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Bloody Mattress’ From ‘Hellbound – Hellraiser II’

You’re one sick sonofabitch Clive Barker.  I mean that in the most endearing and complimentary way possible of course.  Welcome to another Sunday Bloody Sunday where I like to spotlight some of the sickest, bloodiest, and most enjoyable death scenes from the days of horror past.  And this week, I decided to give Hellbound: Hellraiser II a little love, specifically the pinnacle moment where Julia is revived with some poor bastard’s blood on a mattress.

Truth be told, this scene freaked me the fuck out when I was younger.  Not sure what I was watching a movie like this for when I was 12, but that’s a different dysfunctional story.  See, I have a thing about maggots.  I don’t like them.  And when the mental patient here in this scene thought he had maggots crawling in and out of his skin, I seriously almost had to turn the movie off.  The unrated version in the clip below is even more graphic, as he slices his skin to and fro with the scalpel provided by the evil Dr. Channard.  Click the vid below to get a better visual and watch the resurrection of the lovely, and in this case skinless, Julia.  Now with more maggots!

Horror Movie Posters I Love: ‘Hellraiser’ Early Promo Poster (1987)

We all know that the big star of 1987’s Hellraiser is the cricket-eating homeless guy who turns into a skeletal winged creature at the end of the movie.  Kidding!  It’s Pinhead and his fancy box.  I had the original poster for Hellraiser hanging on my closet door when I was 12-years-old up until I took it down and replaced it with one for Maniac Cop (a worthy replacement in my opinion).

To my surprise, I came to find out that there was an early promo poster for Hellraiser that looked nothing like the one above.  It contained a quote from Stephen King regarding Clive Barker that said “I have seen the future of horror fiction, and his name is Clive Barker…” and included a different tagline as well: ‘There Are No Limits’.  But the most jarring omission from this early promo poster was that Pinhead is nowhere to be found.  Instead, we have a red demon with a spikey 80’s hairdo and sharp jagged teeth.  And even though this red demon doesn’t appear in the film, I somehow kinda dig this poster.

Captain Obvious will tell you that the tagline for the promo poster is far inferior to ‘He’ll Tear Your Soul Apart’, but I love the red/black combo with a little white thrown in to balance everything out.  It’s always a nice surprise to find an obscure poster for a beloved horror movie like Hellraiser, but at the same time I get why they made the decision to make Pinhead the star of the final poster. Quite a shame that the cricket-eating skeletal winged creature homeless guy couldn’t get any shine though.  Just another sad horror movie injustice for the ages.