Horror Movie Posters I Love: The Curse (1987)

Since I grew up in Indiana, I guess the stereotype would be that I would love any movie that takes place on a farm.  Not true!  I couldn’t stand that talking pig movie that everyone raved about.  But I do have a soft spot for 1987’s underrated horror flick, The Curse.  And for me, it really all started with the poster for the movie, because I can still remember seeing it hanging up on the wall of my local renting spot, Video-To-Go.

Even mediocre horror movies in the 80’s had better posters than anything out today.  Sigh.  The simplicity of the poster is what sold it for me, even though I could have done without Wil Wheaton’s face up in there, but I get it, he’s the star and girls thought he was dreamy back then.  Love the font that the used on the title ‘The Curse‘, and I pretty much love anything that has a giant demonic hand bursting out of the ground and grabbing a defenseless house.

*quit crowding the plate!*

So yes, the poster kicks a ton of ass, but the movie itself kicks medium ass, even though John Schneider from The Dukes Of Hazzard plays a guy named Willis.  Was there really a guy named Cooter on that show by the way?  Sorry – got sidetracked there, but an awesome show like that will do that to you.  In closing, I love the poster for The Curse, and it brings back some good childhood memories.  As for the movie, seek it out for some of that fun 80’s horror nostalgia, and for the chance to see Bo Duke play a guy named Willis.

*his hair wants to have sex with you*