Antique Shopping For Horror Sh*t: The Creepy Doll Edition

Antique stores hold a bevy of wondrous treasures that can fill your heart with joy and excitement.  Antique stores also can smell like a musty old lady who sucks on Halls cough drops for 24 hours straight.  But the bevy of wondrous treasures trumps an old lady smell here, and I’ve been on a mission to scour these vintage shops for some great horror-related finds.

A few years back while visiting family in my small Indiana hometown, I stopped in a little antique store with my wife and stumbled upon quite possibly the creepiest doll I had ever seen.  It had a porcelain cracked face, a modest $30 price tag, and could have easily been the star of it’s own horror movie.  I procrastinated though, didn’t purchase it, and have been depressed ever since for passing it up.  Fate was on my side though my friends, because just last week I went back to the same small Indiana town and came across a smaller, but equally creepy doll that was a steal at only $10.

After disturbing the saleslady with my purchase, I felt like my life was now complete because I had a new edition to my horror family.  She’s a little shy, so please bear with her because she’s not used to all of this attention.  So without further adieu, I present to you:  Rosemary (I just gave her that name)




I know what you’re saying……I really need to be nice to this guy now or else he will unleash the evil that is Rosemary upon me.  And you would be right. That’s what I call leverage, and Rosemary is now a part of me and a part of anyone around me.  Hmmmm….think I just noticed some people distance themselves.  I am eternally grateful for the chance to discover my newfound friend here and support the little local antique store at the same time.  So keep an eye out if you’re ever in a resale shop for that rare creepy doll that can bring joy into your horror heart.  And please let me know if you find one. Rosemary needs a friend to play with after all.

Creeeepy New Red Band ‘Sinister’ Trailer

Now the new upcoming horror flick Sinister already had me giddy in anticipation from the first trailer and the positive reviews that were popping up online.  But now comes the new red band trailer and I’m seriously considering running down to the local theatre and camping out in line before the October 12th release date like a Twihard fan.  Don’t believe me?  Judge for yourself and watch how a horror movie trailer should be put together:

The ominous music.  The effectiveness of not using any vocals (except for the screaming kid in the box).  And the shot of the family being hung on the tree at the end might be one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a while.  My only knock is that it’s a red band trailer and only because Eric Walkuski from JoBlo.Com dropped the F bomb in a quote from his review of the movie.  Well here at DirtyHorror.Com, we encourage everyone to drop an F bomb, even though we’re not a red band site and there are no age restrictions because we’re all big boys (and girls) here.  FUCK.  See?  Anyway, go support Sinister and the horror genre on October 12th!

is this webcam chat as awkward for you as it is for me?